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    Trophy assembly plant?

    Do i hear a 182 Trophy forum factory trip on the cards. Shall we all go
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    Must have fast B road mods

    Hi Guys, Very interested to hear your thoughts/ recommendations on must have mods to improve the car. Not bothered about aesthetics - performance mods only. Thanks
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    182 Trophy Springs - help please

    Just to add. What a lovely gentleman to deal with!
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    182 Trophy Springs - help please

    Hi Guys, Many thanks for the responses. I'll be grabbing a set from Mark Fish. He's expecting a delivery in 2 weeks ... looks like I just missed out on the previous delivery. Excited
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    182 Trophy Springs - help please

    Hey fellow 182 Trophy nutters! :D Help please. I'm after front and rear springs for the Trophy, I need an honest opinion on the best springs along with a link or contact details of who to buy from. Ideally need them asap.
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    Help sourcing parts please

    hey guys all sorted
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    Help sourcing parts please

    Hi Guys, Need a new coil pack & leads for my Trophy. Can anyone help me with the correct link Thanks, Perdeep.
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    Anyone thinking of selling up. Drop me a DM

    Hi Trophy Fanatics - got a close mate wanting a Trophy. Please DM me if you're interested in selling up - cash waiting Cheers
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    Front splitter / group purchase?

    275 + VAT from my local Renault Dealer. But apparently discontinued. Does anyone have an OEM one laying around ?
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    182 Trophy front lip

    I called up my local Renault Dealer yesterday. The front splitter is now discontinued and the price was 275 + vat. Pricey
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    Tyre Advice?

    Road. Needs to be sticky sticky and more sticky. Not bothered about price or life
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    Tyre Advice?

    What is the best tyre for the Trophy. Its a shame there no PS4S or PS4 in this size
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    Bye bye 485

    Sad times Matt. I really hope the next owner takes good care of 485 and does it justice. I also hope they appreciate the lovely gift you put together for them. … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … Yes he will and yes he does. It was an absolute pleasure to take 485 off your hands...
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    Evo Magazine Sticker

    Anyone have 2 available ? Else I shall instruct a local printing company to make exact replica's but means i'll have to pull a ruler out and concentrate to provide them as much size info as possible. If anyone can save me the hassle much appreciate. PS - i'll need to buy a ruler :D
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    182 Trophy front lip

    Anyone here work in Renault Parts or has a mate that does. Asking for a friend :cool: