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    What's your mileage after 15 (and a bit) years?

    #043 - 50,007 #125 - 121,800 #138 - 77,049 #256 - 117,898 (RIP) #329 - 45,295 (OFN) #356 - 63,200 #407 - 97,515 #429 - 40,400 #430 - 48,182 (OFN) #455 - 71,888 Not nipping out to check but it's almost at the 122.
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    Replacement battery

    Have had a look and prices seem to vary a bit but these seem fairly cheap- Notice there are a couple each of the Bosch and Exide. Can I go wrong here or am I as well going for the cheaper?
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    Replacement battery

    Which type do I need?
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    Replacement battery

    Going to be replacing mine before the winter properly sets in. Having a look online I can only really find threads from years ago. Is there a current recommended go-to battery for these? I'm imagining an offering from Bosch is a safe bet.
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    182 Trophy number 113 on the market

    That's quick. Given what these have gone for on Collecting Cars recently I'd not be too hasty in dropping price. One thing seeing high advertised prices and another thing entirely seeing they're actually selling for high values in an auction.
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    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    I'm away to put new front and rear cup shocks on the car for coming into the crap weather soon. Would you specifically recommend only using cup front springs with the cup shocks and not using the trophy springs?
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    Rear ABS Sensors

    Ended up going with this-
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    Rear ABS Sensors

    My car is needing the driver side rear replaced and the garage has just been on the phone saying the ones they've ordered don't fit. They've been hearing they're no longer available but are going to phone Renault in the morning. Can anyone shed any light on this and point me in the direction of...
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    Short rattle when depressing clutch pedal

    It's a rattle...? Depress and hold clutch pedal > rattles for 2/3 seconds and stops while the pedal is down.
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    Short rattle when depressing clutch pedal

    As you can see/hear in the video, there's a noticeable rattle that appears for a few seconds when first depressing the clutch pedal. This then stops while the clutch pedal is still down. Had the original clutch replaced 2 years ago at over 100k miles. If it was a release bearing would you not...
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    Boot Struts

    From another thread, another option and cheaper too-
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    Trophy up on collecting cars

    Was thinking the same. Mine is on 119k. Not as good condition but still.
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    New Front Sachs ?

    The new set I bought off ebay were originally from Jesse I was told. Just bear in mind any sets will more than likely need a seal change.
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    Insurance Again

    In the cases where agreed values are not in place have most people not eventually managed to get a decent payout despite initial hassle?
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    Inconsistent fuel gauge

    Do you know the part number for a new sender unit or are there quality aftermarket options?