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    Accident advice

    Well that's alright then and easily done happened to me the other rear. I'm not sure of the name of the system but know all data is linked. Don't forget very few underwriters.
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    Accident advice

    Sorry to hear about that hoolio. Hope your OK. As for not telling your insurance company or not. It doesn't matter they are all linked so they will know.
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    15" Alloys for Sale.

    Everything Gone and collected.
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    15" Alloys for Sale.

    Still all available. Coolant free if collected. Wheels and tyres £200
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    15" Alloys for Sale.

    Also have a set of Brand New never fitted black wheels bolts. And also a unopened 5l bottle of renault type D coolant.
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    Need some help on part numbers for a new windscreen & cup wheel

    Front screen is definitely standard basic clio screen. If your going to change if worth getting a new seal kit Genuine Renault part number 7701478235 £33 from Renault parts direct.
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    Quick Brake Disk Question

    I was running standard brembo disks on mine but managed to get a set of maxs cheap a few months ago. May find some still in stock some where.
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    Can anyone shed light...what are these?

    Rear springs are correct for a trophy. The rest looks like cup dampers and front springs.
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    15" Alloys for Sale.

    I have a set of Wolfrace Pro-Lite 2.0's for sale. Size 7x15 4x100 et45 Comes complete with fitting kit, bolts, two sets of center caps (large and small) and storage bags. Fitted with 195/50x15 Parada spec 2's with lots of tread. Have only been used as summer wheels. Always waxed and sealed...
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    Trophy stickers

    Try item no 163080820344 on eBay for the side skirt decals.
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    Full set of Trophy Springs

    Or Mark Fish Springs or Cooksports.
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    Trophy stickers

    Ah I see, that has a colour dye in it which is the problem. I would give Meguiars ultimate polishing compound a try with collinite 476 wax on top for better and more lasting results.
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    Trophy stickers

    Side decals are silver/grey colour. What wax did you use?
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    WANTED: Clio 182 Trophy (sub 75k miles)

    Definitely need to pay a higher price that what you are thinking. But as stated on the forum, with a trophy buy on condition and history not necessary just low mileage.
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    Miller's new Project....

    Yeah would be. :hearteyes: