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    Sachs Dampers X 5

    Don't understand what you mean, they should be silver...
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    Post for admin

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    Wanted - Genuine washer blanks

    Someone already has, and can be purchased
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    Someone Being Naughty

    Spotted this on Facebook lol
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    Quiet exhaust

    Oem cat is already a sports cat
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    Part numbers

    Are they mark fish ones? As explained they are not the same as normal Koni
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    Axle stand placement The big red dot on the left
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    Axle stand placement

    The top result in that link, tells you where to put it, and even comes with pictures......
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    Axle stand placement
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    Swapping an R26 for a 182 Trophy?

    Hi, Not very many T's for sale is normal, if you want a decent one it will be over £6k
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    Tapatalk Issues

    I have never been able to understand why people use it in the 1st place
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    Trophy Magazine Article Collection

    This is an photo of mine, dont think its update, will have to dig them out nxt time i am home and sell um :P
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    Door card

    I thought they were poverty spec door cards too
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    Mark Fish Springs

    Must be so many threads you can read on this....... Had them on mine and loves them
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    Trophy Help

    Nope just seat sticker, and you could quite easily have another trophys seats in your car