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    Trophy #407 for sale (Stockport)

    Deposit received Ant
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    Trophy #407 for sale (Stockport)

    On request from a few potential buyers I have some videos showing the car starting from cold and a walk around showing the condition and appearance of the car. I bought the car over 200 miles from home and drove it back, videos should help justify the trip for any interested parties :-) Ant
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    Trophy #407 for sale (Stockport)

    To help with a few enquiries, here's a breakdown of the service/work history Ant
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    Trophy #407 for sale (Stockport)

    Reduced further to £5999, any takers in time for the Welsh Weekender? Any questions welcome at [email protected] or on 07843 272435 (text during working hours) Ant
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    OEM Trophy Springs

    Yes the Cooksports did lower the car a bit, aesthetically a bit better than on the original springs though it's more level than the nose-down stance of the original set-up. I can't say I've noticed any deterioration in the ride, but body roll has been reduced and the car corners flatter. I...
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    OEM Trophy Springs

    It'd be unwise to mix and match front and rear springs as they are tuned to balance the car front and rear. If original rears are not available (new or used) then the only choice is to buy a full set. Eibach Sportlines are one alternative you've not mentioned and the cost of a full set is...
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    Trophy #407 for sale (Stockport)

    £500 off, now £6,250 before I come to my senses or list on that infamous auction site! Ant
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    Trophy #407 for sale (Stockport)

    I am selling my Clio 182 Trophy due to lack of use and with a 2ndchild on the way, I expect even fewer occasions to go out and drive for pure pleasure. I bought this from the original owner, through an advert on this forum, so I am the 2nd owner having collected it from Glasgow in April 2016...
  9. Frp422 Trophy Artwork - Anyone Interested?

    Yep, I'm still in. Would be great to see what it looks like before confirming an order though :-) Ant
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    Track rod end

    Mine needed handbrake cables and think they came to around £30ish from memory. Ant
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    Trophy appreciation

    I've had a few comments, also notably from Tesco staff (is that a Trophy, never seen a 182 with recaros in it before). Also since my brother runs a garage one of his friends has a 172 and he mentioned I had a Trophy. My brother couldn't quite get over the reaction and enthusiasm he had for the...
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    1 owner 57k FS on FB site

    It seems a fine balance - I've had my "1 previous owner from new" Trophy for about 10 months and had to fork out quite a bit to put mechanical things right despite a full service history with no expense spared (£400+ to repair the original exhaust paid by the original owner!). All proper...
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    Parts left over from my Trophy

    Hi, I've also just sent a text - how much for the Cooksport springs please? Thanks, Ant
  14. Frp422 Trophy Artwork - Anyone Interested?

    Go on then... I'm interested too! :-) Ant