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    Trophy Branded Mats - Group Buy

    Fair enough,,,, but it might be worth doing a poll to see the general consensus as to who wants what, ie numbers, fronts only, etc etc..... Before submitting the group buy to the manufacturers...
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    Trophy Branded Mats - Group Buy

    MMmm, could be interested in a set. Liking the idea of the numbers aswell.... BUT,, do we need the rears, i for one hardly ever carry anybody in the back, so the rear mats would be a waste...
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    Jacking technique

    Frayz. Those trolley jacks are good, ive got the same one.....
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    Insurance Again

    Only recently gone through this issue. I found Adrian Flux can offer agreed values, they didnt see it as a problem... Although a lot of others , as you say are not doing the agreed values anymore...
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    Insurance agreed values, which companys.????

    Update on this post. Ive got sorted out with Adrian Flux. 3k miles per year, £10K value,, £350 per year... Thanks folks for the help...
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    Insurance agreed values, which companys.????

    So far ,, thanks chaps. Did any of you had to provide a written "specialists" report of the car to get the agreed value, or how else did you prove it was worth the value you placed on it. I understand about providing picture proof. But ive been asked to get a written condition report.. My car...
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    Insurance agreed values, which companys.????

    Claude, thanks, ill be in touch with them soon.....
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    Insurance agreed values, which companys.????

    spoonhunter. Thanks for the info, but it seems they only work through brokers and not direct with the customer. Which broker did you use.
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    Insurance agreed values, which companys.????

    Hi Folks. Yes it that old chestnut of agreed value policies again... Its insurance time for 283.... Apparently my insurance co [A Plan ] are no longer doing agreed value policies,, They failed to inform me last year , so ive had 12 months of no agreed value, good job i didnt need it... So...
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    Frayz’s Inferno orange 182 - Back in the old flame

    Im glad you posted a pic of the part no,s for the handbrake cable, as im in need of doing mine, i bought the ones from ECP, which i beleive are the pagid ones. [ too short].... Not got round to fitting them ,,, yet... PS is it just the NSR [pagid] one that too short, or both. Ta...
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    Magazine road tests.??

    Hi folks. Does anybody have a definative list of all the Trophy magazine road tests, / articles. Ie issue numbers, or months.. Im having a massive clear out of old magazines, and wouldnt want to chuck out some "special" ones. Mags that are going out are,,, Car and Car conversions,,, yes were...
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    Greenlight won’t insure my car

    Can you not insure it on a "lay up policy". One of my cars is insured that way, with no problems...[ Not with greenlight though]....
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    Offered: Trophy 177 (free to collector)

    Thats a bit of a randon statement Mikey...
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    T24 PHY, spotted

    Spotted Near Kirkham/Blackpool,,,, just up the road from me.......anybody on here.??
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    Ceramic coatings for cars.??

    Interesting reading, as ever lots of folk have lots to say about the subject... It sounds like the Si02 coatings are the way to go... And a whole lot cheaper than the "nano technology" ceramic coatings... Its not going on the Trophy, but my TVR Cerbera, ive just had it fully re-sprayed , and...