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    Hermes lost my Dampers

    Have seen these for some time on FB market?
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    Trophy market dried up?

    After following many sales recently and seeing the auction posts on here, after an eBay sale last night, I can't see any for sale anywhere! Having just had #189 restored throughout and investing in a full bodywork tidy up and respray, can only see the prices rise over the next few years. The...
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    Clio 182 Trophy #368/500 - Mega Spec

    Have spent lots of time and money restoring mine recently, sadly the mileage doesn't make mine a higher value one, but yours has some very tasteful modifications and looks very clean. Good luck with the same, some bits and pieces you've made me think about 👍
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    Alternator Help!

    Napa NAL1163 and so far so good on Ebay
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    Stray wire

    100% bonnet switch!
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    Original Clio Trophy Front Bumper

    Thanks for the interest but all items relating to the front bumper now sold
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    #262 for sale on Collecting Cars

    Congratulations on the purchase, surprised by the price tag but sub 50,000 mile Trophys are becoming hard to come by. One thing that strikes me as odd is the late replacement of aux belt and cam belt, seems to have skipped any belt services in the first 11 years?
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    Genuine Renault Top Mounts Brand New

    Yes indeed, both brand new but only one boxed. Drop me a pm and I can sent you more pictures. Many thanks
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    Help with looking for new suspension

    Where in Cornwall are you? I am in neighbouring county ;)
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    Help with looking for new suspension

    11 years for me and driven it over 130k miles....!
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    Space behind the Recaro’s?

    Very little room behind the Recaros to be honest, I'm short (ish) and never had a problem when fully reclined but like you say, they are relatively spacious. Remember driving from Devon to Manchester and back once with a full car, wasn't too bad to be honest!
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    Trophy No88 - Stolen - Edinburgh

    Ask them to provide current sales price evidence by way of adverts, if not send them a few of the current ones for sale on eBay, then they will struggle ;)
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    Trophy exhaust mount question

    I've gone through so many of the standard rear ones over the years it just wasn't cost effective and a local company had the powerflex red ones on the shelf. I've just had a look and mine has both in tact, I might order a cheap set off ebay from China and if they turn up and fit I'll let you know 😊
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    Trophy exhaust mount question

    Only ever replaced the mid mount and the two rears with powerflex inserts but never the rear silencer hangers. If you find a decent replacement id been keen on these as mine are original