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    Bletchley / Milton Keynes

    I don't, just share the initials ;-)
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    New Forum Bugs & Issues Thread

    Really like the new site :) much fresher and no more malware! :D
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    Bletchley / Milton Keynes

    Aye up! Keep spotting a Trophy with a black front badge in and around Bletchley, Milton Keynes. I'm never in mine at the time though!
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    Website malware...

    This still happens...
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    Website malware...

    Now and then when clicking on search links from Google the site gets redirected with a ton of pop ups and never takes you to Clio Trophy. You have to go back and then click on the link again to get through. Thing the site needs checking for malware/patching.
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    220 Trophy Exhaust Sound

    Oh...and the gearbox is waaaay better than the normal 200. That bit they have actually sorted 100%.
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    220 Trophy Exhaust Sound

    Managed to get a steer of one of these today and took a quick video of the exhaust sound. You get a slight barp on up-change which is nice, sounds half decent on the inside too under load. But it's no Trophy. It is how the 200 EDC Clio should have been from the start, and the engine still...
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    Refurbished Sachs dampers, refurbed Speedlines with Tyres, Recaro Trendlines + more

    Im after the cigarette lighter insert bit? Also could you post pics of the front bumper too?
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    Washer Blanks

    I do need an offside too, part of the plastic that sits behind the bumper that you screw the nut onto got completely trashed when i last put them back on.
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    New Cars

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    Refurbished Sachs Rears

    Some clear hard wearing vinyl, its pretty thick stuff.
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    Refurbished Sachs Rears

    When i purchased my Trophy i discovered when it was up on a ramp 2 hours later that it only had one rear Sachs shock...i have recently found out the "other" shock was a cup item. I managed to find a rear Sachs shock in good order so i set about removing all the rust and giving both of them a...
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    Clio Renaultsport 220 Trophy Pricing & Spec

    CLIO RENAULTSPORT 220 TROPHY TECHNICAL INFORMATION Model Power (hp @ rpm) Torque (Nm @ rpm) 0-62mph (sec) Top speed (mph) Clio Renaultsport 220 Trophy 220@6,050 260@2,000 (280@2,000 in 4th and 5th) 6.6 146 CLIO RENAULTSPORT 220 TROPHY OWNERSHIP INFORMATION Model MPG CO2 (g/km) BIK (band...