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    Dec 18, 2016
    Hi All,

    I am looking to sell my Sparco Sprint Bucket seats (both size standard) alongwith 2 * OMP Sub frames and steel seat side mounts. Basically everything you need barring the actual bolts to put bucket seats in your clio

    All of these items are brand new and never fitted to my car as i have decided to keep my recaro trendlines in my Clio whereas i had originally planned to swap these out as i am using the car for sprints and autosolo's next season.
    The individual price of these items are as follows:
    - Sparco sprint seat (both in black) * 2 - £219 each - so £438 total
    - OMP Sub frames * 2 - £84.77 each - so £169.54
    - Side mounts * 2 technically £72 from Demon Tweeks but they are on offer and free with the seat at the minute
    So total would just over £600 if all brought from places like Demon Tweeks, Murray Motorsport, etc.
    I am looking for £430 all in which i think is a fair price considering these items are brand new, never used or out of the packaging but open to sensible offers
    Postage isnt an option i am afraid but i do travel a bit with work up to Wolverhampton, Birmingham & the North West so whilst i am based in Bristol i might be able to meet people half way or onroute
    Any questions please let me know

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