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Discussion in 'Clio Trophy Discussion' started by Big Dave, Jun 8, 2017.

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    Hi folks.
    For those of you that have had there T re-mapped using the RS tuner software....

    Im contemplating getting this done to my T and have purchased a used RS tuner box thingy, along with the Clio 182 access bits.
    What ide like to know , is ,,,,,,,

    How easy is it to load the RS tuner map etc onto the car.?
    How long does it take.?

    I believe you have to remove the cars software and then load the RS tuner stuff onto it..
    I have looked on the RS tuner site and there are tutorial vids on how to do it, but just wanted to get some first hand advice...
    Cheers ....
  2. dablk


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    Jan 19, 2014
    Warrington...nowhere near my T! ;(
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    Not done it myself. Just read up on it locking your Ecu so any future tuners struggle to do anything. That might have been resolved now.
  3. pj_sibley


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    Jun 26, 2015
    I bought the kit brand new from Henk at RS Tuner last year. He's great to deal with via email and can help with any queries on installation.

    I managed to do the engine calibration ('map') swap without issues using the box and RS Tuner software on my laptop. It's very straightforward and logical, just need to take your time and follow the steps in the instructions/videos. The whole process probably only took me about an hour from start to finish, once I had all of the files in order.

    The benefits were apparent straight away...better cold start, smoother idle, a bit more mid-range, much more linear power delivery (less of a step change at 5k rpm) and a raised rev limit. I've been really pleased with it!

    I emailed Henk recently about the issue of the ECU being locked. Whilst it's true that the map is linked to the car, he confirmed that it doesn't render the ECU inaccessible to other tuners. There have been problems reported in the past but I know that RS Tuning in Leeds certainly have the ability to clear the ECU via your RS Tuner box and start from scratch.


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