Alex's '05 BG 182 LHD

Discussion in 'Mk2 Clio' started by Ales, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Ales


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    Jun 5, 2018
    Hi everyone!
    I've been here for a while but never posted anything, now I think that I have to introduce myself and show my 182 to all of you guys.

    I'm Alex, from Almería, south Spain (common holiday destination for some of you Brits I think? hahaha) and in August of 2016 i've bought my first Clio. I've been previously own a pair of french "pocket rockets" (x2 Saxo VTS) but this is my first Renault Sport.

    It is a `05 reg FF Black and Gold 182 with 71000 miles on the clock. The car now is a common UK Clio Starter Pack. List of mods and pictures above:

    • 16" Speedline mod. 2120 Turini wrapped in Nankang NS2R in 205/45 R16
    • Full Milltek Resonated System + Decat with new o2 sensors.
    • Brake calipers refurbed with Ferodo Ds2500 pads, Goodridge braided lines, Motul RBF600 and Brembo HC discs, brand new rear rotors and Ferodo pads.
    • Cooksport lowering springs.
    • Lots of Powerflex stuff: Steering rack bushes, front antiroll bar inner and outter bushes and camber bolts.
    • Magnecor HT Leads, with brand new BERU coilpack, NGK spark plugs and PTFE inlet gaskets.
    • JMS V6 Airbox
    • Ron98 Remap
    • Pure Motorsport top mounts and strut brace
    • PH1 Gearknob
    • Osram Diadem silver indicators + Full LED interior bulbs.
    • Full exterior and interior detail, 2 step polish, Auto Finesse Wax and lots of products that couldn't remember lol
    • Fabia Splitter (Looking for a KTEC CF...)
    • SKF Bearings, brand new Valeo radiator, brand new front wishbones
    Future plans for the 182 are fit a Yanoo Stiff Shift kit, get new Genuine Renault OE Cup Dampers and keep driving it fun.






    Hope you like it! Kind regards!
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  2. Titan


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    Feb 22, 2016
    Cracking car,that has to be one of the cleanest black cars I've seen in a while.

    Spain's dry climate obviously helps...

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