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Car now is A1 condition having its 2nd phase of restoration works recently completed at Mark Fish Motorsport, the first phase of works were carried out last year also by Mark Fish. It's taken 2 years to get to this point and I want to say a big thank you to Mark for his attention to detail and ensuring that we kept the car as original as possible.
Hello Luca, I have been trying to access your Clio Trophy forum but no luck. Do you till own a Trophy?

Regards, Joe
Hi Nicky,

I'm sure you're had a few requests, but do you have the info and any pictures of 438 if its potentially going up for sale.

Regards, Adam.
Picked up a £9.99 dent removal kit from TK Max today, absolutely brilliant had a couple of carpark dints, so satisfying, my new favourite tool!
Hi Mate, I’d say they are great to deal with but I’m biased because it’s my business. I’m just a car enthusiast mate who enjoys reselling sports cars.
Hi Steve, I'm still on the look out for a trophy, has yours sold?

Hi Adam, sorry for the delay getting back to you, been pretty hectic this end. Yes the car is still for sale, I have just had it serviced and MOT'd, no advisories. Also had a new alternator put on. Are you still in the market? My number is 07734 853975 if you wanted to call to discuss? Thanks, Steve
Fixed, it was a collar between the gearbox and driveshaft, two hours labour, well happy with that
For the first time ever, the Clio has broken down, I think it’s either a driveshaft or clutch. It wouldn’t let me start it in gear so guessing driveshaft, not good timing by the trophy as I lost my job last month!
Hi mate, would you consider selling number 175? Cheers
Hello Oliver everything has a price sorry for the late reply ive had a mad couple of weeks.
Hi Nathan, I am selling my Trophy No; 50 if you are still looking. Let me know if interested and I can send you details.

Cheers Nash
Nathan Gould
Hi Nash,

I'm still interested, it would be great if you could send me over the details please.


Due to limited space, I have sent you full details via a conversation. Regards Nash
Hi my Trophy no: 10 is for sale. If you are interested please let me have your contact details so we can discuss.


Hi mate, hope all is well. Just wondering how life with the Trophy is? Are you still over in Oz? Someone asked me about the car the other day and I recalled the story of selling to you and you then importing the car back to Oz! Pretty cool!

Hi Trev,
404 is currently for sale and I just wondered if you do have any information on it and in particular the Cat D?

Many thanks
New, mark fish springs, new top mounts, 4 new pilots sport 3’s and tracking, wearing its 93k miles very well I think
I have Trophy 31 and I know you had the car for a few years but I'm missing the invoices for 2014 when you had the belts done. I'll need to get them done again this year, but hoped you might be able to tell me when in 2014 they were done, and what was replaced at that time ? If you had the invoices (I doubt) I'd love to be able to have them for the record file. Thanks, Ian Highfield
Hi Ian, I'll have a look at home in case there are any invoices kicking around which have been misplaced out of the service folder. Everything I had should have been in a red trophy binder, which went with the car.
Hopefully the service book is stamped at least? I'll have a look at home this evening, and get back to you.

Mark F
Ian Highfield
Ian Highfield
Thanks MArk and yes I have the binder and stamped service book. I re-read your excellent thread which is where I picked up the history along with the notes from Simon whom I bought the car off. The book is stamped as having belts done in 2014 and I believe they need doing every five years ?