RS 192 Exhaust Group Buy

Mar 21, 2014
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I have recently just purchased a trophy and I am upgrading the exhaust to the RS192 exhaust system by Scorpion.

It was my original 182 that did a lot of the development work and it is my brother’s company that designed and sole supplier of the exhaust.

I have put an order in for one however he states that if I can get a few as in a group buy going then he will be able to bring the RRP down for us...would need around 10 to make it work.

Can be supplied with de-cat pipe if required and upgraded powerflex mounts.

I have attached a link for people to view the system. It is the same system fitted to the editor of evo’s trophy.

Let me know your thoughts or any takers?

As I resto the trophy I have purchased I will be doing group buys on K&N, powerflex, OMP.
Aug 1, 2015
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Paris, France
Group buy meaning one single payment and sending to one location only or can accept multiple payments and dispatch to multiple locations?