My 200 entered into Vertar's car of the month comp!

Sep 6, 2009
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I know its not a Trophy but I just thought I'd post! (I have owned one and still love 'em)


This month my car is entered in Vertar's Car Of The Month competition. I would really appreciate your votes, a lot of time went into this car when I got it. The first detail took me approx 14 hours, although I did have some visitors from the Yorkshire posse so that did stretch it out a little.

Just some info on the detail.

I started by asking the dealer not to clean the car, so on 1st sept I picked up my brand new and quite dirty Clio 200.
As it had never been cleaned I wanted to make sure that I got as much of the muck and grit off as possible So to start with it was snow foamed and rinsed 3 times.
Next was a wash, 2 buckets, gritgards etc followed by a rinse.
Then clayed with Zymol Lehm Clay and lube.
Then machined using Swisswax Cleaner fluid pro. This stage cleans the paint, does a very minor correction and fills a lot of the swirls/marring etc. Any place I could not get the machine easily was cleaned with Zymol HD Cleanse which does a similar job but by hand.
Next on to the wax - Zymol Concours - wax on wax off etc

Then on to wheels.

Cleaned using Zymol Wheel Cleaner with Zymols horsehair brush.
Cleansed using Zymol HD Cleansed then waxed with concours
Tyres dressed with Maguire's tyre gel.

That just about covers it. Like I said all votes for my car will be very much appreciated.

Just to add Vertar give you a £5 off voucher for each vote!! ... io-757.htm