Mk1 Hub's?....

Jan 30, 2012
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Now this may seem daft but anyone know for a fact if there is any difference between the mk1 hubs from say 1.2-1.4 - 1.8(16v) or 1.9D as i have put the 1.8 16v brakes on my 1.2hub with no problems but as i needed to replace the other side could only get hold of a 1.9D hub now the only difference i can find on internet is the 52ml n 54ml obviously an the problem i have is where the retaining screws go there is basicly no room / no thread is far to small basicly non existent on 1.9D hub will it be fine just using a taping kit to jus tap screws threw basicly sorry if this makes no sence also is there any diffrence on suspension of 1.8 16v with 1.2or1.4hubs?...Thanks 4 reading!