How much should top mounts move?

Aug 14, 2007
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Morning all, had the new 'group buy sachs' fitted a couple of weeks ago (thanks again everyone involved!) & since then had an odd knocking that I hope is knackered anti roll bar bushes - fresh powerflex to be fitted later this week. Also had an odd intermittent grinding type noise when moving or stationary at/near full lock.

The grinding seemed to be happening at the same time as the driver side top mount moved, i.e. the top mount didnt move until almost full lock. So my question is, how much if at all should the top mounts be moving when steering is applied?

I've been back to the garage & they took everything apart, greased top mounts, reassembled the lot & now both top mounts rotate from pretty much any steering input. Also top mounts move up & down a small amount as lock is applied. So now I don't know if top mounts should move & all is well, or shouldn't ?!?!?

Wish I'd taken 30 seconds in the last 10 years to have a look haha!