#407 gets an anniversary wash.

Jul 22, 2018
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West Yorkshire

This week heralded my 1st year with No. 407. After a particularly busy and challenging week work wise, it was good to spend time giving the car a bit of a treat and myself a bit of therapeutic fettling time.

Just recently I have been trying out some different cleaning products on my Clio 200 Cup and thought I'd see how some of the Bilt Hamber range worked on the Trophy, todays results of their clay bar on the roof, bonnet and boot lid followed by a coating of their 'Auto Balm' wax are nothing short of sensational. Highly recommended! I'm looking forward to seeing the longevity of the finish too as we head towards Autumn, No. 407 lives outside so I'm keen to give the bodywork as much protection as possible.
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