3rd owner, 103k miles £6000

Jan 11, 2020
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Royton, Oldham
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I have a low owner 103k Miles car. I am considering selling my trophy, sadly purchased in Jan, and then the world changed which means I’m out of work and it’s really difficult for me to keep the car.
103k Miles
One owner to 2019. Second owner did less than 1000miles until me in Jan 2020. Where I have done 100miles if that.
I purchased it because it had a single owner till 2019 and has got an extensive folder of history for everything ever done or purchased for the car (see google link).
Usual question is Sachs
the Sachs have not been rebuilt. Car is very stiff and planted, no wallowing over undulations and sticks like glue to the road.

As for servicing see here

‪Clio Trophy‬‏ - Google Drive


Mechanically it is great, smooth idle, pulls extremely well. Handles fantastic, flat and true. Had a rattle from the back box but have just replaced all three exhaust mounts and sorted it.

Interior is brilliant. The Recaro leather and alcantara is in great shape. No cracks or creases in the usual lower bolster area. Dash plastics are not sticky. Even has the plastic covering still on the aluminium scuff sills.

exterior looks great, but she does have a few parking dents which are only noticeable from the right angle in the right light.
there is one dent which has chipped the paint on the roof. I am looking to have this sorted.

That’s as honest as I can be with the car. Both good and bad points.