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  1. andy tims

    Mark Fish Springs

    Another thumbs up from me
  2. andy tims

    Trophy in exalted company

    Hi Ian. Not tracked the Trophy as yet - must get that done.
  3. andy tims

    Trophy in exalted company

    Thanks. Yes, the Exige uses a supercharged 3.5 V6. It's faster, lighter, louder & even rawer than the GT3, but more slightly compliant in the way it rides.
  4. andy tims

    Trophy in exalted company

    Picked up my Exige Sport 380 on Saturday. It's an absolute weapon. Until the GT3 is sold, I seem to have rather too many fast cars. Will be keeping the Trophy though - the fun factor is just so accessible. It's also got about 1000x the load carrying capacity of the Exige.
  5. andy tims

    Trophys by County

    # 008 is in Surrey
  6. andy tims

    5th Gear To Night

    Car # 028
  7. andy tims

    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    Yes please
  8. andy tims

    RS 192 Exhaust Group Buy

    Also interested
  9. andy tims

    Mobile detailers - Surrey / West Sussex / Hampshire?

    Any personal recommendations? I'm looking to have the GT3 & the Trophy done.
  10. andy tims

    182 Cup front dampers for sale

    RENAULT CLIO SPORT 182 CUP GENUINE FRONT SHOCK ABSORBERS 8200681109 X2 for sale - Never used, still boxed - £70 for the pair collected from Haslemere, Surrey GU27 Good for temporary use during a SACHS refurb
  11. andy tims

    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    Tim - it's looking more likely that I'll pick up from you at the Welsh Weekender if that's still OK?
  12. andy tims

    OEM Brembo Rear Pads - Free

    Free as long as collected from Haslemere, Surrey - 5-6mm of pad material left
  13. andy tims

    Low mileage collectors item

    Even that would be a poor return on capital invested over 12 years.
  14. andy tims

    Brakes- corrosion

    The rears on mine were well rusty before I changed them last week, but they could have been the first set.
  15. andy tims

    For Those of You That Need Replacement Boot Struts

    Cheers - pair ordered
  16. andy tims

    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    You'll have to do a photo when they do land Tim
  17. andy tims

    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    Is this of any help / interest? Otherwise I can collect a Southern pair from Tim.
  18. andy tims

    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    I'm happy to wait until the Welsh Weekender for mine, so they could come from the North if that helps and will work?
  19. andy tims

    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    Payment sent. Thanks again Southern delivery please.
  20. andy tims

    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    Ben, as others have said, thanks for sorting. I’m happy to do PayPal f&f or Bank Transfer