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  1. hoolio

    OEM Renault Car Parts for Sale

    I thought it was a pretty useless site to be honest aimed at the mainstream current ranges, or is that a bit harsh? Still I think I will stick with those that have sorted out for the last few years.
  2. hoolio

    Door card

    Maybe but I said 172 cup, different beastie. Though that my not be their origin anyway.
  3. hoolio


    £2, 000 pounds, 49k, dependant on condition even without garage service history you still have an £8k ish car there, once mot is sorted.
  4. hoolio

    For Sale Trophy 057 £7495

    Recognised the details straight away, so much for the sellers 100% positive feedback!
  5. hoolio

    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    Sorry, I'll modify that. As it stands I would be unlikely to take the risk.
  6. hoolio

    WANTED: 182 Handbrake cable

    Sorry I should read properly, you do say a set. Shit near vision. RPD are now O/S of the nearside.
  7. hoolio

    WANTED: 182 Handbrake cable

    Nearside or offside? Renault Parts Direct still have OE but one is now in short supply if not NLA.
  8. hoolio

    Trophy Help

    **Chassis** Stupid autocorrect
  9. hoolio

    Trophy Help

    I spoke to Jeremy Townsend (then RS marketing manager)when he was mooching around my 5 at a show years ago and he confirmed that there was never any record kept of Trophy number against chases number, they simply didn't know.
  10. hoolio

    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    i was going to ask if anyone else had seen this, and their thoughts?
  11. hoolio

    Minor electrical issue

    Check your rear light clusters, there is possibly a short there caused by water ingress.
  12. hoolio


    As per Chris above there is a small rubber egg shaped gasket between the upper inlet and the top of the engine, just a clean should be enough and there is a gasket between the upper and lower gasket, I should have the part number at home but it is readily available from Renault parts direct.
  13. hoolio

    Monday afternoon outing for #407.

    I always said that my 5GTT handled roads in much the same manner as the Trophy, a statement that was generally met with quizzical looks and "yeah right"
  14. hoolio

    Brand new Rear clio trophy shocks WANTED

    The price for the original Reno units was always a hard ask, the same kind of money for some of dubious spec, pretty sure that's going to work for me.
  15. hoolio

    FS 147 (project) £2800 no offers

    That's a shame mate, for a few reasons but I do also like a good project thread.
  16. hoolio

    Newbie with some questions (470/500)

    Not really sure either, but there was once a silver trim Trophy it's possible he meant that one?? Nope, just found the pictures of that one. Different plate.
  17. hoolio

    What’s the current market trend ?

    The Brexit vote has f*$ked up pretty much everything, some would argue temporarily I think something akin to turkeys voting for Christmas but at some point things will stabilise. It's a talking point. but it only really effects those wishing to buy - good news and those wishing to sell - bad news.
  18. hoolio

    No 33 For Sale - 36k - £12,500

    The drop in the value for these also means less of the absolute shite ones finding their way back onto market at ridiculous prices and thus finding their way to where most should now be heading!?
  19. hoolio

    Recaro covers

    Who knew, we have a seamstress in our midst :)
  20. hoolio

    ABS fault code 5020?

    And I believe neither are currently available, which is a bit of a shag as I would like some new rears.