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  1. Cue

    GOOD NEWS - Sachs Rears

    There's a couple of ads on ebay for them - but with both sellers being in travel ling distance to me, I checked out face to face if they had them... low and behold, they didn't but said they could order some... be wary...
  2. Cue

    OEM Renault Car Parts for Sale

    Can you get OEM Springs and rear dampers for the Trophy?
  3. Cue

    Wanted - Clio Trophy

    Should get straight one for that.
  4. Cue

    Door card

    Have you tried googling to see if there's any trophy's currently being broken up? there's one or two recently that's been written off, so may be worth a shout.
  5. Cue

    Sachs scraper/top cap

    expect a pm then lol
  6. Cue

    Door card

    Didn't think my 172 had alcantara door cards - but it's 15 years ago, so god knows now...
  7. Cue

    Door card

    ? what do you mean by which clio the interior came from? It's a Trophy interior... not sure if it was fitted to any other main ones, but may have been a rare option that they had left over in the parts bin... ?
  8. Cue

    Sachs scraper/top cap

    now have the answer to this = yes. Next problem is where to source some from as Monster Sport Europe, the only supplier I know of, has closed down at the end of last yr........ hmmmnnn
  9. Cue

    Hi Rik, how's the work load re damper rebuilds looking like at the moment? Thinking of getting...

    Hi Rik, how's the work load re damper rebuilds looking like at the moment? Thinking of getting my spare set done ready for fitment on to the car in March time... I know one has failed on it's top/oil seal but no major damage - what sort of costing would you envisage?
  10. Cue

    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    @MarcB did you have a pair of the oem dampers refurb'd and retro fitted with the Twingo scraper seal? If so where did you source the seal?
  11. Cue

    Caps for front Sachs dampers

    Rik, do you know if the scraper seal can be retro fitted to the oem dampers during a normal refurb?
  12. Cue

    Sachs scraper/top cap

    Does anyone know if the scraper seal can be retro fitted during a routine service on the OEM spec dampers?
  13. Cue

    For Sale Trophy 057 £7495

    Glad you sorted this - heard about the fake ad over the weekend and wondered what it was all about.
  14. Cue


    182's are notorious for scraping through the emissions on MOT's - most centres have a note in the digital logs as an advisory iirc. Is the centre that you use aware of this? I run a decat and need to reinstall the cat for MOT time, the difference the cat makes is negligable but makes the...
  15. Cue

    Mark Fish Springs

    I'm running them on the rear with the Koni's, while they now need replacing, for the last 80K miles, they've been spot on.
  16. Cue

    Trophy Help

    God, the last decade has taken its toll on us both lol
  17. Cue

    Wanted - 182 Trophy

    Happy to help with the expenses run through - i've kept a very detailed log of expenditure on this bundle of joy..
  18. Cue

    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    I'm in - I think this works out cheaper than a refurb, so I'll buy a pair.
  19. Cue

    Trophy Help

    aye Jezza - wonder what he's up to now lol
  20. Cue

    Wanted - 182 Trophy

    Good luck and I hope you secure a good one. They don't come up all that often but are like buses - nothing for a while, then 4 or 5 listed at once. Compared to a Mk5 Golf, they'll feel a little rawer, lighter, sprightly and twitchy but a whole load more fun to drive. The internals are dating a...