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    Warminster Services A350

    Just caught a glimpse as it drove by on Wednesday morning 13th June at approx. 0730hrs
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    Spotted last night on A505 going past McDonalds
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    OEM Renault Parts

    Hello all, I require a few parts, I have the Renault part numbers however they are ridiculously priced in both France and UK. Was just wondering if anyone can help or advise? 2x Cold air feeds for original 182 box 2x brackets for air box (Front and back) Air box fixings OEM air filter I'm...
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    Clio 182 work shop manual detailed

    Does anyone have a detailed workshop manual including exploded diagrams parts etc. I have managed to find a work shop manual for the F4R 730 engine however it is very basic, in fact its document title is Basic manual M.R.337
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    KTR Uprated Engine Mounts

    2off engine mounts like new, covered less than 3000 miles: Lower engine mount (dog bone) with Purple Powerflex bushes push into genuine twisted Renault lower mount: RRP for...
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    K-Tec Supercharger Conversion Kit

    Hello all, My Trophy last night had the final parts of the K-Tec supercharger kit removed. The kit has been packaged up and is now ready for sale. The majority of you Trophy purists are unlikely to favour this kit however I would appreciate it if the word can be spread. The conversion kit was...
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    My Supercharged Clio Trophy to be returned to OEM

    After suffering with 3 months worth of complete time wasters and a few test pilots I have decided that it is a sign to keep my pride and joy I never wanted to get rid of my Trophy and was annoyed with myself for getting the supercharger kit fitted in the first place! The massive loss in money...
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    Clio Trophy Supercharged 29,500 miles

    I have posted before but this time it has to go, will get more info and an autotrader link up later
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    Supercharged T for sale - maybe

    As per title - Depending on interest and offers I will be putting my supercharged trophy up for sale. Have owned the car for past 5 years, spent over 10k and am now considering selling it to help with deposit on house. Car is immaculate, covered just 27K miles, is running 275Bhp with Driftbox...
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    A few jobs done on the T

    Driving the T the other morning to work, my brakes failed and my engine started idling at 2000RPM! Turned out my exhaust manifold had managed to melt through the brake servo hose :eek:. Just when I thought my day couldn't get any worse, on the way home stopping using just my handbrake my...
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    Brake Failure

    Hi all, Was driving the T on Friday afternoon and all of a sudden my brake pedal became very hard and stopped working. I found the problem to be a melted vacuum hose that runs from back of inlet manifold and past the exhaust manifold. The heat from the manifold had melted my hose and caused it...
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    Hi all, I think my alternator is on the way out... I have a strange whining noise at around 2K RPM and when I stopped and popped the bonnet I found that my alternator was very hot! To hot to touch, is this normal? Secondly, should there be a cover/guard at the front of the alternator to stop...
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    KTR Induction kit for sale

    KTR induction kit for sale. Less than a 1000 miles old £100 Cheers, Rob
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    Clio 182 Cup for sale

    Hi all, Whilst my Trophy is tucked away under blankets my 182 CUP has to go :( please see add: Cheers, Rob
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    Clio 182 Cup for sale

    Hi all, Whilst my Trophy is tucked away under blankets my 182 CUP has to go :( please see add: Cheers, Rob
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    182 Cup for sale

    Hi all, This weekend just finished restoring a very good condition 182 Cup. 70K Major service New Clutch Reconditioned Gear box Mintex brakes and pads all round New elf oil and filter Engine Flush Headlights restored like new from UV sun damage (misting/cracking of plastic) Scorpion exhaust...
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    Audi S3

    My beloved Audi S3 is now for sale, take a look :) Cheers, Rob
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    182 Gearbox

    Firstly... I am not sure I need a new gearbox however there is oil leaking from the bottom of it quite bad when the clutch release bearing went bang ... If I do require a new gearbox I understand there are different types ? If so how many different types are there and how do I find the correct...
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    something shattered

    I test drove my mates car today (182 cup) that i am thinking of buying to fix and sell. It started and idled fine. The problem came when I took it for a drive. There was an immediate whining noise as I pulled off in both 1s and 2nd gear and gears where hard to engage. When I can to reverse the...
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    182 Cup fix

    My mates 182 Cup has been off the road now for around 6 months due to noticing white spoke coming from the exhausts. I have offered him a grand for it to which he accepted however will not pay until I have seen engine condition this friday. Sounds to me like head gasket may have gone. The story...
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    Lowering springs

    Hi all, I am looking to lower my T as it sits far to high at the rear and intern the side skirts do not sit level with the floor. I have my car booked into K-tec for three weeks time so will get them to sort it out but I need to know what are the best springs and how low to go. I would like...
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    Exhaust time...

    My T requires a new exhaust system as the back boxes and middle box are breaking down inside, corrosion etc. I do not want a loud exhaust I want something very similar to standard ! I know there's not much to gain but also something that will slightly boost performance, so a good exhaust...
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    182 or 172 xenon headlights

    Looking for a pair of either brand new or mint condition xenon headlights. Anybody know anyone? Cheers Rob
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    Trophy 288 for sale (low millage)

    Completely original, no modifications, always garaged, SORN durring winter months, FSH, Major service @ 20K Immaculate condition apart from slight key marks to bonnet and boot 23,500 miles £8200 Rob
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    Do I spend the extra on Supercharging my T or buying a V6? decisions ...
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    Went down to Luton sixonetwo unit 12 yesterday to purchase some TPI polarised wheel bolts as my originals where just lumps of rust, Put them in today and what a difference ! Look spot on and have made the wheels look a hell of a lot better, would highly recommend. 12x - M12, 1.5, 27mm...
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    New Wheel Bolt Help Please

    Can someone just confirm im buying the correct bolts ? Im not sure about the tapper of the bolt or length Previous posts have said treaded section is 24mm long however this is 27mm long is this a problem? Also is the tapper correct ? Thanks This is the bolts im buying --...
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    Member Map

    Is there still a map showing the location of different registered Trophy's ?
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    It's Winter !

    My Trophy's boot no longer stays up .... therefore .... Winter :)
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    Trophy Problem

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone knows anything about the problems I'm having with my T atm Filled up full yesterday and drove 110 miles motorway no stopping and a constant 56mph the whole way and some how managed to get through half a tank ! Also it feels to be lacking power and engine...