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  1. marrow

    Ceramic Coating -

    Can a car be too clean and shiny :unsure:
  2. marrow

    While at the BP garage in Spain today

    I wonder what NCAP rating this would get?!
  3. marrow

    Replacing key battery

    Helpful video showing how to replace the key fob battery....
  4. marrow

    Trophy for sale on Autotrader

    yes 100% ;)
  5. marrow

    Advert pop ups.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, they are terrible - just like Cliosport.
  6. marrow

    Alpine A110 GT.

    Another month goes by and this car is still for sale at the same price, that‘s 7 months since it hit the market...
  7. marrow

    Little wonders

    I agree with you Ed, I was unimpressed when I drove the Panda back in the day. If I think further back, I remember driving a 306 GTi6 and thinking this was heaven!
  8. marrow

    Sachs Damper Protection Check out what Frayz uses.... any help?
  9. marrow

    Spotted on my travels..

    Beautiful !!!
  10. marrow

    Road Tax going up (again)

    You'd think for that much 'road' tax you'd have smooth roads, but I'm not sure you do?! The roads are so bad in the UK, the government should be paying us...
  11. marrow

    Road Tax going up (again)

    How much does the Trophy cost in road tax/year over there?
  12. marrow

    Road Tax going up (again)

    Currently £365/yr and increasing to £385/yr from 1st April !
  13. marrow

    Splitter Talk.

    I bought one from a local Renault dealership with discount for about £109. That was maybe 10yrs ago.
  14. marrow

    Flipping for Profit

    think they sell more now that they have several countries involved
  15. marrow

    Alpine A110 GT.

    Last September my local Alpine dealer offered me a GT for the weekend! The good bits - looks (especially in Thunder Grey) exotic more than quick enough gearbox decent mpg very impressive roadholding The not so good stuff - almost no storage for anything GT comfort seats for me looked great...
  16. marrow

    GR Yaris - Rush Magazine long term review.

    + the photos are very impressive
  17. marrow

    Type D

    Can I ask what's so special about Type D coolant? Can it easily be swapped for an alternative brand?
  18. marrow

    US vs UK car prices

    I knew vehicles were cheaper in the US, but after a recent trip there I discovered just how much cheaper. Certainly not the most exciting car but my taxi was an Oct 2023 registered Honda CR-V (new shape). It cost the owner $28k (give or take) so around £22k. That same car over here is £46k...
  19. marrow

    Andy’s Racing blue

    Your RB looks immaculate inside and out! The only thing I would change are the blacked out rear windows. What classic car are you thinking of?
  20. marrow

    Trophy Sales on Collecting Cars

    500/500 3hrs left... £15,750 + fees and counting
  21. marrow

    Unique Thing

    Sold for £63.5k + fees ... bargain :unsure:
  22. marrow

    "Cost of Living With A Trophy" - Rush Magazine article.

    It's a very good read, thanks for sharing Ed.
  23. marrow

    Unique Thing

    no thanks
  24. marrow

    RUSH Magazine..

    A multi-RS group test sounds good
  25. marrow

    2005 Renault Clio 182 Trophy #465

    I struggle to understand the amount of £ being paid for number plates on CC, is '6 AST' really worth £10k?! On the plus side, no servicing/history to worry about!
  26. marrow

    Trophy Sales on Collecting Cars

    Now up to £15.25k with 6hrs left. Funny how different bidders come in as we get closer and the price escalates.
  27. marrow

    Trophy Sales on Collecting Cars

    I think it deserves to sell for £20k+
  28. marrow

    Asking again politely

    This looks to be sold?
  29. marrow

    Standard exhaust?

    I would be interested in an OEM exhaust.
  30. marrow

    Low mileage, one owner Trophy for sale soon

    Did anyone see who the winning bidder was?