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  1. Claude

    Silver Turinis

    I love Trophys on silver wheels...
  2. Claude

    Quiet exhaust

    Mike Edwards does some decent work, he’s Surrey area I think. Or ProSpeed in Cardiff offer a lifetime guarantee - like other owners with their system, I’m very happy!
  3. Claude

    Wanted 182 Clio Trophy

    I’m afraid I can’t help, but I’m intrigued about your mileage requirement - where do you get 40k from? I can’t imagine there are many cars out there on that mileage, maybe a dozen or so? And of those maybe 10% would consider selling? Either way the 182 Trophy is a great car, even those on 140k...
  4. Claude

    Group Buy - Brand New Original Eibach Trophy Front Springs

    Is it too late to be added to the list? I feel I should buy a pair but don’t want to see another member miss out as a result of my indecision. Thanks
  5. Claude

    Group Buy - Brand New Original Eibach Trophy Front Springs

    How many surplus are being manufactured, or is it strictly those on the list only?
  6. Claude

    Fiesta ST150 - Selling to find a Trophy

    Some feedback on your ad - it’s a bit light on detail ? I jest, if only they were all like this! Good luck with your sale and search.
  7. Claude

    Project 338

    It can be tricky finding 280mm brackets, they’re a little harder to come by than brackets for the 300mm conversion, unless you know someone who can source them?
  8. Claude

    Part numbers

    You buy them direct from Mark Fish - he’s over in Essex or that way I think, probably find him on Google, does plenty of motorsport prep. As for visual differences, pass. Not 100% sure I’d notice the handling difference either, but Ive never tried the MF version.
  9. Claude

    Colour of New Rear Standard Springs

    As nice as red ones might be, black is OEM, and I think that will hold most sway with members.
  10. Claude

    Greenlight - No more agreed valuations

    Hi @Paul Morris, I thought I’d bump this thread as I think Greenlight may well be offering agreed value policies again after a brief hiatus. Personally I renewed in November with Keith Michaels but was also offered a very competitive agreed value through A-Plan (Thatcham branch). Good luck
  11. Claude

    #338 For Sale £7000

    Good luck with the sale, Dave, 338 looks like a fantastic opportunity for someone to get into a 182 Trophy! It’s a real shame you’re leaving the fold, perhaps you’ll be back when your lad is a bit older? All the best
  12. Claude

    Group Buy - Brand New Original Eibach Trophy Front Springs

    I don’t think it’s a stretch to imagine 30/40/50 pairs selling. A bit more reach posting on various Facebook groups and other forums and I’m sure the demand would be out there. The bigger volumes may take a little time to sell but I have no doubt they’d sell.
  13. Claude

    Tapatalk Issues

    The ‘Participated’ functionality I find really useful.
  14. Claude

    Tapatalk Issues

    I’ve given up with Tapatalk for the exact same reason.
  15. Claude

    Aux belt change question

    If it was me I’d do aux belt and tensioner at 3 years or 36k, whichever comes soonest.
  16. Claude

    LSD on Clio 182

    I’ve decided to take the plunge - I’ve had a refurbished box for a while now, and while it was being overhauled last year I thought it was a good time to add a Quaife. It’s all going to be fitted into the car next week ahead of a weekend in Wales next month to see what all the fuss is about...
  17. Claude


    I think the problem will be finding someone prepared to take the risk, after all, who’s to say it might not cost double that and some to secure a pass. A 12 month ticket will make it much easier to sell I’d have thought, price-dependent, of course. If it only just scraped through with a brand...
  18. Claude

    Mark Fish Springs

    You can pick up Eibach Sportlines for under £100. Just giving you a different option.
  19. Claude

    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    Whoever he is he’s a member of a Clio community with over 30,000 members - a little more reach than here ;)
  20. Claude

    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    Pay with PayPal and you have a degree of protection? I’d definitely buy a set if I was in the market.
  21. Claude

    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)
  22. Claude

    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    Just seen a post on the Clio Sport Owners Club facebook group where a chap called Jesse Liet, who may well be in the Netherlands, has 20 pairs, in case anyone’s interested.
  23. Claude

    Trophy Help

    That’s an aftermarket sticker/decal that some choose to apply.
  24. Claude

    Steering wheel refurb

    And that’s the most valuable advice you’ll read - someone that has used both suppliers.
  25. Claude

    Steering wheel refurb

    It’s either Jack at Royal, or the man called ‘Snappy’. I’ve used neither and don’t believe there’s a great difference between the two. There are plenty of pictures of options - choose what you like and go for it!
  26. Claude

    RECARO seat - trophy stickers

    Outstanding, cheers fella! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  27. Claude

    Newbie with some questions (470/500)

    On the Turinis, Trophy are ET43 or 45, I never remember which. If they’re stamped ET38.5 then they’re from a 172 Cup.
  28. Claude

    KTR induction kit

    Google “The Fatty Induction” for a cheaper alternative.
  29. Claude

    182 Cup Rear shocks

    Many probably wouldn’t be able tell the difference, but for an owner wanting originality they are no good at all.