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    Airbag resisitor wiring

    On the Recaro seat airbag resisitor info on Clio mods it says to put the brown wire into terminal marked 3 but in the picture it is black in the 3 terminal. Can anyone help.
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    Speedline alloys and tyres

    I have a set of 15in Speedline corsa 675 alloys 6.4 ET36 in anthracite with Michelin pilot sport 3 tyres all brand new. £500 .
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    Wheel and tyre size

    I ordered a set of wheels and tyre's for my 182 but instead of 205/45 R16 83V they sent 195/50 R15 82V . My car will never be on a track just used as a daily drive so would this size ok . Are there any benefits or negatives in doing this . Sorry to be a numptey on this but have never changed...
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    Trophy wanted

    Hi looking for a nice clean no mods if possible and under 90.000 miles .