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  1. Big Dave

    A trip over the border (again).

    I thought i recognized that road,, driven down there a few times..
  2. Big Dave


    Dave. It was great to have you on both Weekenders, and for the sticker contributions. I hope whatever your next project may be is a happy and fruitfull one...
  3. Big Dave

    Trophy Down & Out

    Wow. Is it worth buying it back, as surely its not going to be rebuilt, and depending on the buy back price, not a great deal to be salvaged from it. It looks well and truely mashed... But i wish you a speedy recovery and all the best with the car....
  4. Big Dave

    #338 For Sale £7000

    I could be interested in the coil pack... And can i be second inline for the center caps...
  5. Big Dave

    #338 For Sale £7000

    Dave, good luck with the sale... Im sure it wont hang around for long... Sorry to hear your moving on....
  6. Big Dave

    Turini wheels for sale

    Something tells me they wont be around long..........
  7. Big Dave

    Mark Fish Springs

    I have a set on my T, i just know they are good as the car feels sublime, but then again i havnt experienced a T on standard springs, as my car came with them fitted,,so i cant really compare.
  8. Big Dave

    Brand new Rear clio trophy shocks WANTED

    If you chaps are interested this is a pic of Both old and new Trophy shocks with sticker part no,s. [ For you reference, if you need it],,,These were bought from Renault Wolverhampton in 2017...Via ebay, although there is none left now.
  9. Big Dave

    Steering wheel refurb

    Ive had a couple of steering wheels done by "snappy" and im happy with the results...
  10. Big Dave

    What’s the current market trend ?

    Maybe the "smart" money people have found other avenues to invest in...? Although it doesnt take away from the fact the Trophy is one of THE all time great hot hatches... As has been backed up in the recent motoring press coverage... I didnt buy my car as an investment, i was just lucky i...
  11. Big Dave

    KTR induction kit

    Ive got one of the KTR kits fitted, as mentioned before, no noticable increase in power, just noise...Some like the noise, others dont,,,,,, one lady in Wales didnt seem to be impressed the other weekend..:grinning::blush:
  12. Big Dave

    Picked up the Meg today

    Looks like hes trying hard.... Trying to be a BTCC driver, curb hoping..... Them Donnington curbs can be harsh...
  13. Big Dave

    Which replacement battery?

    Just fitted one of these and it seems good...
  14. Big Dave

    Worx Pressure Washer - Review

    Does it have to be used with a bucket, or can it be connected to a tap.?
  15. Big Dave

    Not a T, but a V6.....

    And some BTCC cars of the past, the Heady days of BTCC....
  16. Big Dave

    Not a T, but a V6.....

    And a few more, Can we guess the names of ALL the BTCC drivers in the pic, BOTH current and past ...
  17. Big Dave

    Not a T, but a V6.....

    Heres a few pics of Silverstone Classic.....
  18. Big Dave

    Not a T, but a V6.....

    It was a REALLY nice looking car. But was somewhat overshadowed by some of the other cars on show in the owners registers. I took lots of pics, i might be able to post a few up on here later...
  19. Big Dave

    Not a T, but a V6.....

    I went to Silverstone Classic on sunday, and spotted this in the car park, it was SWEET.... Just out of interest, was it a factory colour, or has it been repainted...
  20. Big Dave

    Battery size.?

    Its looking like im in need of a new main battery for my car. Anybody know the size rating of a Trophy / 182 battery.? ie CCA / Ah ratings.?Without me taking the old one off. Oh and i have a foam ITG air filter in front of the battery so the battery has to be aprox 210mm long,, ish. Yes im being...
  21. Big Dave

    Trophy #407 for sale (Stockport)

    Hey Ant. I wish you well with the sale of your car. Itl make a great car for somebody... It always looked good in Wales...
  22. Big Dave

    Slam panel stickers

    Cheers Dave. It arrived in Saturdays post.
  23. Big Dave

    Slam panel stickers

    Just sent the funds Dave... Cheers.
  24. Big Dave

    Slam panel stickers

    Ill still take one please...
  25. Big Dave

    Engineered Art Clio Trophy Blue Print Group Buy

    Coldy. Chill mate. I was just making a comment... I realise im not being forced or co-ersed into buying one.. Its a public open forum , and we can comment on whatever we want to,,,within reason,,, cant we...? I do actually like the "art". Just not at that price... Now if the A3 version was say...
  26. Big Dave

    Engineered Art Clio Trophy Blue Print Group Buy

    As much as i like the look of the "art". Ide rather spend the ££ on the car....Ie petrol and drive the thing...:grinning::grinning:
  27. Big Dave

    Trophys by County

    I know #229 lived in Lytham. Lancashire. But there hasnt been any postings for around a year...So no idea if its still around.. Just trying to "big up" the Lancs numbers....:grinning::grinning:
  28. Big Dave

    Trophy 31000 miles

    Marital break up...Im guessing..... They can be VERY messy..... Sometimes its just a case of being in the right place at the right time to get bargains....
  29. Big Dave

    Linking Members to the Owners Reg

    Excellent. Thanks....
  30. Big Dave

    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    Look at those bobby dazzlers....10 shiny new sets of Trophy Sachs...:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: Top work to all those involved for making this happen... Hip Hip Hooorrraaaaaaaaaaaaa.................... The power of forum spirit...