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  1. BenG

    #266 Suspension/Transmission Rebuild

    #266 Suspension/Transmission Rebuild 2017/2018 Last year in March, I decided to refresh things a little by having the Dampers refurbished, they were well overdue and after seeing some of Rik’s work I couldn’t resist having them done. I put the car on the lift and set about stripping it down. I...
  2. BenG

    Rear Suspension Rebuild

    For 4 months my Trophy's been sat on the ramp looking sorry for itself. A bit of light maintenance has ended up being a full overhaul of the suspension and brake system. Thankfully, I'm not too far away from being finished now, I've just got the rear to do. This is what it looked like before...
  3. BenG


    Hi Guys. I'm fitting new drive shafts, I went to order 2 new ones from Renault but was informed that they no longer supply them. I've ended up ordering a set of refurbished shafts instead. The part numbers for the 182 cup / Trophy shafts are as follows.. O/S - 8200 372 166 N/S - 8200 372 167...
  4. BenG

    New Trophy Owners - Please Read

    Hi Everyone. If you have just purchased a Clio Trophy then please take the time to register it on our database. You will need to be registered on the site in order to do this so please take the time to do that also if you haven't already. If you wish to remain anonymous then that's fine, just...
  5. BenG

    Trophy Broken into.

    I went for a 360 Health Test today at Nuffield in Manchester. When I left I walked up to my car and saw this ..... As you can see they went for the glove box. I'm sure they were looking for my Sat-Nav, there was nothing of any value in my glovebox and nothing was taken from the car...
  6. BenG

    What Faults Have You Had During Ownership?

    I know Renault seem to get bad reviews amongst people regarding the reliability but during my ownership I have found the Trophy really reliable. I've owned it 3 years and 4 months and had the following issues... Failed Coolant Termperature Sensor Failed Damper Seal Failed CV Boot Clip Thats...
  7. BenG

    Alloy Wheel Refurb

    Hi guys. Last week I had my wheels refurbished at the Wheel Repair Centre in Preston, they have done a fantastic job i'm really pleased with the results. They were shot blasted and powdercoated in Anthracite, they are not an exact match as the original paint but are very close, maybe a shade...
  8. BenG

    Scorpion RS192

    For Sale. Scorpion RS192 Exhaust System (Cat Back). The system has been fitted to my Trophy from new for 2 years (approx. 10,000 miles). The centre section is 6 months old as it was replaced under warranty. Very good fitment, however, the centre section/back box join is a tight fit as this is...
  9. BenG

    Your Greatest Mechanical Failures.

    I'm sure most of you attempt or have attempted to carry out work on your own car before, mechanical minded or not. I for one have very little experience working on cars but can't resist having a go with a 'how hard can it be attitude'. As of yet I haven't caused any major damage (touch wood)...
  10. BenG

    ITG Maxogen

    Due to fitting the JMS RS2 Manifold I no longer require this brilliant piece of kit. As you can see from the pictures it is in very good condition and contains everything you need to fully fit including the instruction/fitting manual and a can of itg air filter oil for servicing. I have the...
  11. BenG

    The answer to my handling problem...

    Over the last 3/4 weeks I've been having a handling problem with the Trophy. Everything felt fine until I entered a left hand bend and I would turn the wheel but instead of turning in sharply the car would take a very wide path no matter how much I turned the wheel. I checked the tyre pressures...
  12. BenG

    Trophy Vs Canoe

    Well, after 3 years of dreaming I finally bought my own Canoe :D. I was a bit sceptical about putting a Canoe on the roof of the little Clio but it holds it very well, surprisingly. It does draw a lot of attention and I have to admit it does look pretty funny. The little Clio has a whole...
  13. BenG

    Spark Plugs for sale

    I took delivery of these yesterday to service a friends car but the old plugs were of the same type and had not long been fitted so we decided to leave them in. NGK PFR6E-10 £30 Delivered.
  14. BenG

    Defect Scorpion RS192 Exhaust

    I noticed my exhaust was blowing so went under the car to check it out and felt alot of air blowing from where the mid section of the exhaust joins the Cat, I thought it was blowing from the clamp at first and after renewing it and fitting it several times I eventually found out it wasn't the...
  15. BenG

    The Inca Trail & MachuPicchu

    Hey. I just spent the last 10 days in Peru, 4 days walking the Inca Trail and MachuPiccu, what an amazing experience! Pics tell 1000 words so enjoy… Ben
  16. BenG

    Croft Track Day (3rd May 2010)

    Hey 8) I had my first track day on Monday and loved it! :D :D I was terrified at first but soon settled in after a couple of laps. BRAKES: When I first went out I managed 4 laps and had to pull into the pits as I was experiencing a little brake fade and wanted to check tyre pressures...
  17. BenG

    Project : Workshop

    Hey. Im in the process of building a substantial workshop and thought I would post a progress thread on here now I have actually got to a stage where the buildings is nearly ready to be built. I’ll give you all a bit of background as to how it all came about… Around 15 years ago my parents...
  18. BenG

    Trophy, Blackpool Road, Preston

    Spotted in the PC World/Currys car park. FL55 *** I think. Around 1:30ish
  19. BenG

    South Lake District

    Trophy spotted on A590 just past Newby Bridge around 1:30pm today. ?
  20. BenG

    (Pics) Honister Pass - Lake District

    Hello. Me and Chris met up today and went for a drive around the Lakes, It was a bit of a nightmare as some of the Passes were shut, including Honister Pass but we decided to drive it anyways. 8) Cheers Ben.
  21. BenG

    Cumbria Meet (07-02-2010)

    Another successful Cumbria meet organized by myself :roll: , only 3 and a bit turned up which is a shame because the roads are fantastic. It was still an Epic drive and the 3 Clio’s made for a good photo shoot, Red, Yellow and blue look really nice together...
  22. BenG

    Repaired Tyre safe for track ?

    Hello CT :D Recently I have been getting 24 mpg so I thought something must be up with the car. I had a look at the tyres a couple of days ago but they all looked find, today however, I thought I would check the pressures to make sure they were ok as ive not checked them for a couple of...
  23. BenG

    Whats my Trophy Worth ?

    2005 (55) Renaultsport Clio 182 Trophy. I am the second owner of the car, which I purchased at 19,500 miles. Currently just gone past 40,000 Miles. The car has been very reliable throughout its life and has been a pleasure to own. I drive the Trophy most days and always make sure the engine...
  24. BenG

    Track Day Helmets

    Hello :D . Are there any specific requirements for track day helmets? I have a decent motorbike helmet but not sure that it will be allowed? Thank you. Ben.
  25. BenG

    Harnesses Fitted.

    My Girlfriend got me these for Christmas.... :D :D Not yet been for a drive but I have strapped myself in a few times :) , cant wait to test them out. ^^ I used some red trim the same as the car mats to trim the edge of the car carpet to tidy it up a bit. ^^ Ben.
  26. BenG

    People with Harnesses fitted ?

    My Girlfriend has bought me a pair of Sabelt 3 Point bolt in Harnesses for Christmas so ill have a go at fitting them over the holidays. I just want to know what you guys did to stop the seatbelt beep noise going off. I think the options are to either source a seat belt clip from another clio...
  27. BenG

    Why I love Winter.

    I can think of 100 reasons why I love winter, in alot of ways its my favourite season. I love the cold, crisp, early mornings, I love paddling the calm waters of the Lakes in a canoe, I love climbing the snow topped mountains at the crack of dawn armed with an ice pick and crampons, I love the...
  28. BenG

    Inside a Sachs Damper

    Curiosity got the better of me so I decided to strip down my spare damper to see the inner workings and also see if I could find out why it had gone ‘soft’. I really had no idea what to expect as ive never seen the insides of a Remote Reservoir Damper before but I did have a picture in my head...
  29. BenG

    RS Tuning Custom Map RR Results

    Hello ! 8) Thought I would start a thread for all those who are about to get their Trophy's Remapped by Paul at RS Tuning so we can all post our comments, views, results etc... Last year (8/10/08) I had my Trophy put on the RR at RS Tuning. The car was standard and made 162.3 BHP and 140...
  30. BenG

    Random Drive - Lake District (pic heavy)

    Let me start off by saying, I love living in the Lakes ! I go out for a drive in the Lakes nearly every weekend and never get fed up with driving the same epic roads. The trouble is summer attracts ALOT of 'Touroids', which are like Hemroids...A pain in the arse! So the key is to venture out...