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  1. J

    Cruise control squib

    Please let me know if you have a spare one lying about willing to sell!
  2. J

    RSTuner with EOBD II module

    Hi all Looking for a second hand RSTuner (standard model will do just fine) with the EOBD II module for clearing diagnostics. Not fussed if it is locked to another car as I can buy a new license from Henk at FastChip. Cheers Jack
  3. J

    182 steering wheel

    Hi all I'm after a standard 182 wheel (with or without airbag) to send off to Snappy or Royal for a re-trim. Does anyone have one lying about they'd be willing to sell? Cheers Jack
  4. J

    For Sale: #126
  5. J

    Start-Up Issue

    Hi guys My Trophy has developed a minor fault over the past couple of days but I'm slightly worried it could develop into something more sinister! After the car has been sitting for a while, i.e. a few hours with the engine off, when I next come to start the car and try to turn the key in the...
  6. J

    AK55 - Madejski Stadium, Reading

    I presume had just been to watch the Reading v QPR game like myself! Sat in traffic outside Costco.
  7. J

    Cambelt question

    Hi all My T is approaching the 72k mile mark so will be going for a full service in a few weeks time. I know that the cambelt and acc belt should also be replaced at this mileage (or every 5 years) but the previous owner did this at the 40k mile mark around 3 years ago. Would you agree that I...
  8. J

    Rattling Recaro

    Hi guys Looking for some advice - my driver's Recaro has developed a very irritating rattle. It sounds like a ball bearing or a screw; when I accelerate it goes one way and then the other when I brake; it's very annoying! I've searched around the web but cannot find any answers. From listening...
  9. J

    Which RS Tuner?

    Hi all Looking at getting an RS Tuner but a bit boggled by which one to go for given all the options that are available! I think I’d only need the 98 RON map, the diagnostic/code clearer function and possibly the ability to purchase a couple of future maps in the future. Could anyone steer...
  10. J

    Bad smell from heater following cold weather

    Hi guys I hadn't driven my Trophy since Friday and went out this morning to fire her up prior to the morning commute. I turned the heaters onto full and set to the windscreen to clear the ice that had built up and went back indoors. I returned to my car after a few minutes and whilst there was...
  11. J

    Please take 30 seconds of your time to vote!

    Hi all Phones4U are running a national competition where they will award local sports teams with £2,000 to upgrade facilities and equipment. They are awarding the money to each of the top 10 clubs which receive the most votes using the link below. My Sunday League team, Basildon Barbarians...
  12. J

    Photoshop Request

    Like the look of the red pin-stripe that goes around alloys - would someone who is good with Photoshop mind mocking something up? Would love to see how this looks on the Turinis as standard! Cheers :D
  13. J

    Exhaust clamp

    Hi all Just had my MOT and she passed thankfully! However, the mechanic advised me that one of the exhaust clamps is past its best and I should contact Renault to get hold of a new one. Does anyone know the part number? Thanks in advance!
  14. J

    JMS - new ownership

    Hi all Does anyone know if JMS is operating again following the change of ownership? Got a couple of bits I'd like them to do! Cheers
  15. J

    Strange noise

    Hi guys Just wondering if any of you have experienced this with your T. This video is taken whilst stationary and the noise seems to be coming from the left hand side of the car. It usually starts to happen once the car has warmed up and can be heard most noticeably when parking, travelling at...
  16. J

    First track day advice

    Hi guys Itching to go out and experience my first track day in the Trophy; I race karts nationally and have tested at Palmersport a couple of times (including the Clio Cups) so looking forward to taking my own car out! Would you recommend me purchasing a different set of rims and tyres...
  17. J

    Grinding/shuddering when going uphill

    Hi guys Just wondered if anyone had experienced this before. If you imagine a multi-storey car park, and the 'spirals' you have to drive up in order to go up levels; I have noticed that I experience quite a loud and profound grinding noise when driving up these. The steering wheel also tends to...
  18. J

    Yozzasport Cat-back system

    In good condition. Can exchange for Milltek cat-back system. Regards Jack
  19. J

    JMS Tuning

    Hi there Does anyone have a contact number they could provide for JMS? Have tried to visit their website but it's been under construction for a while. Thanks Jack
  20. J

    Slight issue on start up

    Hi guys My T has recently developed a minor problem; on start up (usually during cold weather,early in the morning, etc), the car will not start at the first attempt. It sounds almost as if the immobilser is kicking in, as the engine turns, but doesn't start. However, it starts on the second...
  21. J

    Service milestones

    Hi all I had a quick search but couldn't find what I was looking for, so excuse the new thread. Is there a recommended set of milestones for services (minor and major)? My Trophy is sitting at just under 41,000 and the previous owner advised me to get her serviced next at around 45k...