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    Cruise control squib

    Thanks mate - I’ve ordered a cruise control one (without steering angle sensor, hadn’t seen the one you’ve screenshotted above) off eBay for £100 but have the option to send it back if someone on the forums comes up trumps with one. Annoying as a cruise one with steering angle sensor went on...
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    Cruise control squib

    Please let me know if you have a spare one lying about willing to sell!
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    RSTuner with EOBD II module

    Hi all Looking for a second hand RSTuner (standard model will do just fine) with the EOBD II module for clearing diagnostics. Not fussed if it is locked to another car as I can buy a new license from Henk at FastChip. Cheers Jack
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    182 steering wheel

    Yep spoke to him last night - sending it across in May
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    182 steering wheel

    All sorted - cheers @dablk !
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    182 steering wheel

    Hi all I'm after a standard 182 wheel (with or without airbag) to send off to Snappy or Royal for a re-trim. Does anyone have one lying about they'd be willing to sell? Cheers Jack
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    1:18 Model

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    T36 PHY Private Number Plate

    Hi all I purchased this plate in advance of buying a Trophy; I then ended up buying one with a personalised plate already on it :LOL: I therefore have this plate (T36 PHY) for sale - I'm looking for what I paid for it (literally 3 weeks ago) which is £400. I don't believe there will be any...
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    Recommendations - RS Specialist in Oxfordshire

    Hi all, Sorry to resurrect an ancient thread, but does anyone have a current recommendation for a RS specialist around the Oxfordshire area? I used Rentech in Portsmouth in previous Trophy ownership (who always did a superb job I should add) but just wondered if anyone could recommend a...
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    Hi mate, hope all is well. Just wondering how life with the Trophy is? Are you still over in Oz...

    Hi mate, hope all is well. Just wondering how life with the Trophy is? Are you still over in Oz? Someone asked me about the car the other day and I recalled the story of selling to you and you then importing the car back to Oz! Pretty cool! Cheers Jack
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    For Sale: #126

    Price reduced to £5,500.
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    For Sale: #126
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    PM box full mate!
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    Hi all Looking for some help - I'm convinced that my dampers are knackered again despite having been refurbed twice :( Without using a jack, are there any quick fire ways of testing to see if they have gone? Many thanks Jack
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    Cornering Force: overly firm?

    Cheers mate, much appreciated.
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    Cornering Force: overly firm?

    Excellent, cheers! Is it just a job you can do by hand, I.e. no tools? Also, which way is hard and which way is soft?
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    Cornering Force: overly firm?

    Quick question - I had my dampers depinned by Simon back when I had them refurbed a while ago but have never thought of adjusting the clicks. I have found them a little firm so wondering if adjusting them slightly may be better? How do you check what setting they are on now? What is the...
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    Start-Up Issue

    Haven't had a new one since I've had the car so pushing 3 years now. I'm at Rentech on Monday so will see if they can check for me. Thanks for the advice!
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    Start-Up Issue

    Hi guys My Trophy has developed a minor fault over the past couple of days but I'm slightly worried it could develop into something more sinister! After the car has been sitting for a while, i.e. a few hours with the engine off, when I next come to start the car and try to turn the key in the...
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    AK55 - Madejski Stadium, Reading

    I presume had just been to watch the Reading v QPR game like myself! Sat in traffic outside Costco.
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    Ren-tech gone???

    Almost certain they are still in Portsmouth as I have my T booked in to go to them next Thursday! I remember them saying on the phone that they are moving unit within the same industrial estate so may explain their non-response at the moment.
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    Cambelt question

    Hi all My T is approaching the 72k mile mark so will be going for a full service in a few weeks time. I know that the cambelt and acc belt should also be replaced at this mileage (or every 5 years) but the previous owner did this at the 40k mile mark around 3 years ago. Would you agree that I...
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    Rattling Recaro

    Hi guys Looking for some advice - my driver's Recaro has developed a very irritating rattle. It sounds like a ball bearing or a screw; when I accelerate it goes one way and then the other when I brake; it's very annoying! I've searched around the web but cannot find any answers. From listening...
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    Bad smell from heater following cold weather

    Hope so! The coolant level hasn't dropped at all so I've ruled out a leak!
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    Which RS Tuner?

    Hi all Looking at getting an RS Tuner but a bit boggled by which one to go for given all the options that are available! I think I’d only need the 98 RON map, the diagnostic/code clearer function and possibly the ability to purchase a couple of future maps in the future. Could anyone steer...
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    Bad smell from heater following cold weather

    I think it may have sorted itself! Had the heater on full blast this morning and there's no smell coming from the vents. I can still smell it slightly in the car but this is just where it hasn't 100% cleared from yesterday. I'm hoping it was just a temporary problem, possibly down to the...
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    Bad smell from heater following cold weather

    Thanks Marrow - the coolant level looks fine and no signs of leakage. I'm hoping a bit has just leaked following the freezing conditions (although not sure how this would have happened!) and the smell will not return when everything thaws out!
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    Bad smell from heater following cold weather

    Hi guys I hadn't driven my Trophy since Friday and went out this morning to fire her up prior to the morning commute. I turned the heaters onto full and set to the windscreen to clear the ice that had built up and went back indoors. I returned to my car after a few minutes and whilst there was...