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    Collecting Cars - Another Trophy #175

    #175 61,595 Miles
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    182 Trophy Meet - April / May ?

    Around the midlands. Shall we ?
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    182 Trophy Switzerland

    Hi all. Did the Swiss Trophy's come with a designated number on the drivers seat? Thanks
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    Coil Pack

    Hi all, Looks like Renault have stopped selling coilpacks for the 182 Trophy. Part Number: 8200141149 Are there any recommendations on OEM quality aftermarket ones Thanks.
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    182 Trophy Decals

    Don't suppose there is a recommended company for decals. Trophy is going for a full respray and i'll need to get the side trophy stickers made Cheers
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    Front brakes

    Hi Fellow Trophy Fanatics :D Need help sourcing front brake callipers/ carriers and slides please. Can anyone point me to the right direction ? Thanks
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    Must have fast B road mods

    Hi Guys, Very interested to hear your thoughts/ recommendations on must have mods to improve the car. Not bothered about aesthetics - performance mods only. Thanks
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    182 Trophy Springs - help please

    Hey fellow 182 Trophy nutters! :D Help please. I'm after front and rear springs for the Trophy, I need an honest opinion on the best springs along with a link or contact details of who to buy from. Ideally need them asap.
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    Help sourcing parts please

    Hi Guys, Need a new coil pack & leads for my Trophy. Can anyone help me with the correct link Thanks, Perdeep.
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    Anyone thinking of selling up. Drop me a DM

    Hi Trophy Fanatics - got a close mate wanting a Trophy. Please DM me if you're interested in selling up - cash waiting Cheers
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    Evo Magazine Sticker

    Anyone have 2 available ? Else I shall instruct a local printing company to make exact replica's but means i'll have to pull a ruler out and concentrate to provide them as much size info as possible. If anyone can save me the hassle much appreciate. PS - i'll need to buy a ruler :D
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    182 Trophy front lip

    Anyone here work in Renault Parts or has a mate that does. Asking for a friend :cool:
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    Best car battery for 182 Trophy

    Any recommendations guys
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    What else do you have ?

    Interested to see what other cars 182 Trophy owners are into. I'll start. I also own an E46 M3 and E39 M5.
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    182 Trophy outdoor car cover

    Hi guys, Can somebody recommend me a good quality outdoor car cover please with good quality straps so it doesn’t fly off when windy. Thanks.
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    Trophy number plate

    What you got ?
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    EVO sticker

    Hi Trophy Owners, Where can I order the Evo Mag sticker for my rear window please. Need 2 of them Thanks
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    Stock 182 Trophy Nurburgring

    Howdy Trophy owners How quick can a stock trophy lap the RING