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    Brembo caliper brackets

    Renault Clio 172 182 brembo conversion brackets and bolts , these are designed to fit brembo calipers from Clio 197 or megane 225 to your Clio 182 172 They will fit under standard 16” wheels with standard 280mm discs . 15” will need spacers or 10mm machining from bottom of calipers
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    trophy number plate?

    I bought number 229 around 3 weeks ago. Doing bits a pieces to it till it’s showroom ready!
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    Brembo Calipers Clio 197 200 can fit 182 172

    £300 delivered.
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    trophy number plate?

    New owner of a trophy looking to buy a personalised plate t--phy if anyone has got one and looking to sell?