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    More Autumn Colour.

    No. 407 out for some fun on the leafy lanes.
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    Anyone use a Carcoon?

    Hi all, as the title suggests, I'm looking at getting a Carcoon or three in the near future to store the cars in. Does anyone have any experience of using them? I'm guessing the Veloce model with the drive in access is the most practical. Edited to add: indoor model rather than outdoor..
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    It stopped raining!

    ...for about half an hour. No. 407 with some Autumn colour.
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    Trophy's on 'Collecting Cars'.

    A couple more Trophy's have appeared on the 'Collecting Cars' auction site this week. No. 280, currently on 55,233 miles: No. 311, currently on 154,241 miles...
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    Sachs Damper Inner Tube.

    Hi all, I'm just currently having a set of Sachs dampers refurbished at BG Motorsport and on one of the ones I've sent it turns out there are some strange marks on the inner tube which the shaft goes in internally. These parts are now NLA from Sachs themselves but I was just wondering if...
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    Brake pad recommendations.

    Well, with No. 407 currently incarcerated with the talented Mr Pittman at Diamond Motors for a now fairly comprehensive list of jobs, my attention has turned to brakes. We've just refreshed the rear set-up, keeping it as standard, however the front's I'm wondering about a little tweak...
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    #407, drift car...

    Snow day!
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    #407, 15 years old.

    ... & still ticking all the right boxes.
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    #467 up on 'Collecting Cars'

    Another Trophy has appeared for sale on the 'Collecting Cars' auction site. No. 467 on 93k miles from the ad.
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    Trophy Raffle.

    Seen on another forum. A Trophy has cropped up on one of the now numerous 'Car Raffle' sites. Trophy #446 according to the text.
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    Blowing out the cobwebs.

    Better get #407 home before the gruesome gritters come out to play! We enjoyed a short blast through some of the Autumn colour hereabouts this morning.
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    #407 gets an anniversary wash.

    This week heralded my 1st year with No. 407. After a particularly busy and challenging week work wise, it was good to spend time giving the car a bit of a treat and myself a bit of therapeutic fettling time. Just recently I have been trying out some different cleaning products on my Clio 200...
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    OEM exhaust, rear section.

    A little plea before I head out into the realm of breakers and Facebook. Wanted: An OEM rear exhaust section in good serviceable condition, I'm still running the standard exhaust on No. 407 and would love to keep him original. It's not a concours car by any stretch, neither one kept in a...
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    A trip over the border (again).

    It was an atmospheric morning in the 'Trough of Bowland' yesterday. No.407 behaving impeccably as always on a weekend trip away, focussed on enjoying some of my favourite roads over in neighbouring Lancashire and exploring some new ones up towards the south Lake District too. Two days of...
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    A trip to the jet wash for #407.

    There may have been a slight detour.
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    EVO magazine 262 - Trophy feature.

    The latest edition of EVO magazine arrived on the doormat this morning. A quick flick through over breakfast and what's inside? A nice little article showcasing the Trophy & Ford Racing Puma. Great read, no spoilers on the verdict, but a couple of pics below.. Worth grabbing a copy.
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    Lighter nights..

    .. must mean more of this kind of thing after work. #407 pauses to take in the view.
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    Monday afternoon outing for #407.

    Once again #407 has me beguiled by the depth of talent which is simply unbelievable for the cars years and mileage. Last week I took my 200 Cup out along the very same stretch of road, a sinuous, twisting b-road, with hairpins, a frankly terrible surface in parts but cutting through some of the...
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    The young pretender..

    With Trophy #407 having had plenty of attention lavished and drives out enjoyed recently, it felt only fair to wake up his younger stablemate for today's b-road search for the sunset. The contrasting way the 182 Trophy & 200 Cup go about their business really deserves some back to back drives...
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    Autumn has arrived...

    #407 getting in some exercise before they start throwing salt all over our favourite roads.
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    First couple of weeks with #407.

    Having recently purchased #407 via the Forum, I have been throughly enjoying the car, using it as intended for some great drives on some great roads. The car is running fantastically, feeling very well indeed for it's age and mileage, quite the revelation in fact! A spectacular evening run in...