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  1. mhj360

    £23,000, 1 Owner, 29k

    Thanks for the info on the wheels Ashtons. Just checked the refurbished Turini alloy I bought recently and it doesn't have the additional casting marks you mention, so must have been an original.
  2. mhj360

    £23,000, 1 Owner, 29k

    "Find another one..."
  3. mhj360

    Tyre choice

    Does that reduction in width even grant you any greater choice? Looking on blackcircles for reference, the only different tyre I see that isn't presented for 205 is the Continental Sport Contact 3. Not sure that is a better option than any of the other choices available in the correct size...
  4. mhj360

    Tyre choice

    Michelin PS3 are arguably the tyre of choice for all-round road use, but are NLA as @Chewywms says. Michelin are now producing the Pilot Exalto PE2 again which was OE fitment on the Trophy I believe. Annoyingly, they aren't available in 205/45R16. Hopefully this may yet change if the production...
  5. mhj360

    Trophy's on 'Collecting Cars'.

    Have to agree having seen the under bonnet photos. Would love to know how optimistic the reserve price is...
  6. mhj360

    Parts Advice? - Rear Brake Lines

    Hi all, I'm looking to replace the hard brake lines which run across the rear beam as my O/S/R pipe is starting to show corrosion. I've found that there are a few companies which make braided lines to upgrade whilst replacing: BRT Motorsport -...
  7. mhj360

    What else do you have ?

    Thanks! If I'm being a pedant, it's technically an AP1 facelift :ROFLMAO: AP2 was the designation for the facelift model in the USA which got the larger F22C1 engine. Lovely looking Porsche! The 997 is a real sweet spot I think.
  8. mhj360

    Vector file

    I was bored, so made one... Check your PMs (y)
  9. mhj360

    What else do you have ?

    Cheers! The reputation for spiky handling is well earned (speaking from experience!) The steering is an early example of EPAS, so doesn’t give a great deal of feedback. Tyre technology has moved on a long way from the OE Bridgestones too. Most owners in the S2KOC will tell you that fitting a...
  10. mhj360

    Frayz’s Inferno orange 182 - Back in the old flame

    Loving your work frayz. I don't suppose you have or can recall a part number for these blanks to fit the rear tailgate? That or the OEM plastic 'stoppers', as mine have all but disappeared...
  11. mhj360

    What else do you have ?

    Mine's a two car collection; 182 Trophy and Honda S2000 GT. It's a Jan 2006 registered car (55 plate), so has all the improvements of the '04 onwards facelift, but with the pre-March 2006 tax benefit of being £340 a year instead of £585 (y)
  12. mhj360

    Magazine road tests.??

    Another thread resurrection... I've also started collecting any magazines featuring the car that I can find (particularly EVO). I think you might be missing: Issue 91 - Fast Club 2006 Issue 128 - Time To Buy Your Dream
  13. mhj360

    Trophy 077 - For Sale

    Have to say I've been watching your sale with interest Hughie. I bought No 396 back in June following an eBay ad and mine has similar, if slightly lower mileage. I was almost kicking myself when I saw the advert for yours and the level of work that has gone into it, for not *that* much more...
  14. mhj360

    Latest Harry’s Garage YouTube video

    Agreed! I watched the video earlier this evening and enjoyed the comparison with the Trophy. It seemed neither could bring themselves to pick one over the other, whilst the Delta Integrale was dismissed rather quickly! High praise for both cars really.