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    Cleaning the underneath

    Hi all, I am keen to clean the underneath of my clio. Any recommendations on sprays, cleaning products, waxes to use? Thanks
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    Clio trophy

    Hi all, Any trophy’s likely to come up for sale soon? I have seen the ones on eBay and they don’t have Sachs or are not original so keen to ideally get one needing some work or ready to go. I used to own number 409 but sold it last year. I am after one to be driven rather than stuck in a...
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    Collecting car trophy

    Hi all, does anyone know about the clio trophy which is on collecting cars? I am half tempted to buy one but £4K for 160k mile car needing the belts doing and unclear on the Sachs.. get it is a trophy but must admit some of the recent cars are over priced in my opinion. Good news for current...
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    Clio 182 Trophy 409 for sale

    Renault Clio 182 Trophy For Sale – Price £5,000 I have decided to sell my Clio 182 Trophy after 3 years of owning as I am just not getting the time to drive it and I have recently lost my storage space, so the car will be sat outside, so I am sad to say it’s time to sell the car for someone else...
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    Clio 182 trophy help me price it

    Hi all, I hate the how much is it worth posts but I have decided after only 1,500 miles in my clio last year and losing my storage space - it’s not fair on my trophy to be sat outside all year doing nothing. So I am trying to work out a fair price for ideally an enthusiast to buy it... it is...
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    Sachs dampers

    Hi all, I am going to be selling my clio trophy soon(no.409). Advert to be loaded Saturday so I am going to sell my various spares as well. I have a brand new set of Sachs dampers which I bought in the group buy back in 2018. they have never been on my car as I have some Sachs front dampers...
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    Turini wheels for sale

    Hi all, I have my spare set of turini speedline clio wheels for sale. These wheels came with the car when I bought it, but I swapped them for some pro race 1.2’s so have been sitting in my garage. Size 16inch offset 38.5 Colour - gun metal grey Wheels all straight and balanced, however there...
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    Car cover

    Hi all, I am after an indoor car cover for my 182 trophy namely to protect it from scratches when I get my push bike out for work.. garages in Bristol aren’t very big so space is pretty tight Anyone got any recommendations please Thanks Pete
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    Clio Badge - personalised trophy numbers

    Hi All, I know there was a bit of discussion a few weeks ago – around getting some badges made up which go on the seat sub frames. I have been trying to someone who will do them and the best option seems to be to buy these doomed self-adhesive badges. I have spoken to the company and he has...
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    Sparco bucket seats *2

    Hi All, I am looking to sell my Sparco Sprint Bucket seats (both size standard) alongwith 2 * OMP Sub frames and steel seat side mounts. Basically everything you need barring the actual bolts to put bucket seats in your clio All of these items are brand new and never fitted to my car as i have...
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    RECARO seat - trophy stickers

    Hi all, I have swapped my seat subframes for the Jon fonz’s ones which are excellent. However on my old mount there is the Clio trophy sticker which my cars number on. Trying to remove it is likely to damage it so would prefer to get a couple of new ones made up.. Any ideas where is best to...
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    Rear bumper light

    Hi all, I am after a new bumper boot light as attached. Anyone have any ideas where is best to get them from and rough cost? Will ask give Renault a ring today so if anyone knows the part number that would be great. Cheers pete
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    Headrest Mount

    Hi All, I have been looking on the internet for a headrest mount for my Clio Trophy so i could mount my GoPro ahead of my first sprint in a couple of weeks time. Looking on the net they are around £100 and also as the 182's have recaro's the normal u-brackets round the headrest doesnt work so...
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    Recaro side mounts

    Hi all, All, I have today swapped my REcaro Trendline seat mounts for Jon Fonz lower seat mounts which are excellent (definitely worth the investment). Anyway as a result my old seat mounts are no longer required. Not sure of the going price for these and to be honest i am not overly fussed...
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    Bristol trophy's

    Hi all, I am pretty sure there are a few Bristol trophy owners on here! I got my car tracking done for my first sprint on Friday at fcm alignment(top place) and a guy next door tiki customs which is a body shop, mentioned he had recently done a front end of the trophy and the various items which...
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    Arch liner and engine undertray

    Hi all, just before I ring a few car breakers does anyone have for sale a passenger wheel arch liner and engine undertray cover please? No worries if you don't have the clips. Cheers Pete
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    Oil indicator

    Hi all, On my clio182 when I start the car it shows oil ok but on my 182 trophy it just goes straight to the mileage. I have made sure the cruise control is in the middle position and reset the trip computer but no joy. The oil level of the car is all fine so no issues oil wise. Anyone else...
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    Clio Trophy No.409

    Hi All, Picked up a Clio Trophy No.409 last weekend from near Glastonbury. This is my 2nd 182 as i already have an artic blue 182FF which i use to travel from Bristol to Preston/Manchester every week - who says Clio's aren't practical :smile: Anyway managed to get a really good deal on the...
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    Recaro trendlines lowering the seat

    Hi all, just bought a Clio trophy today :-)... So I am going to sell my 182 ff in due course however whilst driving the car today I found the recaros are great but I have found that they Make you sit quite high up which is no doubt the standard sub frames. Has anyone managed to find a way of...