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  1. andy tims

    Au Revoir

    Well I waved goodbye to # 008 today and apart from my 3.2 Carrera Club Sport, I've never been so sad to see a car go. I'd wanted a Trophy for years having had plenty of other hot hatches previously and reading the famous EVO COTY several times and of course watching the Harry Metcalfe video...
  2. andy tims

    Trophy # 008 for sale

    I'm not really sure I want to do this, but I've just spoiled myself with a new Lotus & my wife has been going on about getting another MX5 for ages, so here goes:- 86,000 miles, Lots of history - always serviced by RenTech during my ownership since April 2017. Mark Fish springs fitted @ 81731...
  3. andy tims

    Another valuation question

    I just might let # 008 go so I'd like the forum's view on value please? 86,000 miles, Lots of history - always serviced by RenTech during my ownership since April 2017. Mark Fish springs fitted @ 81731 miles - May 2017 Kenwood DAB audio head unit DAB Roof Aerial fitted Wheels fully refurbed by...
  4. andy tims

    So good!!

    Had a dive of my eldest lad’s RS Clio 200, full fat cup last night. It was OK, but nothing special. Got in the T this morning - much, much better. The T feels light, nimble, engaging -just alive and up for a good thrashing. The 200 was just dull by comparison.
  5. andy tims

    Wheel Spacers??

    Having not gotten a response in this FB Trophy Group thread I thought I'd ask here. Is fitting spacers just a cosmetic thing or does anyone think...
  6. andy tims

    Trophy in exalted company

    Picked up my Exige Sport 380 on Saturday. It's an absolute weapon. Until the GT3 is sold, I seem to have rather too many fast cars. Will be keeping the Trophy though - the fun factor is just so accessible. It's also got about 1000x the load carrying capacity of the Exige.
  7. andy tims

    Mobile detailers - Surrey / West Sussex / Hampshire?

    Any personal recommendations? I'm looking to have the GT3 & the Trophy done.
  8. andy tims

    182 Cup front dampers for sale

    RENAULT CLIO SPORT 182 CUP GENUINE FRONT SHOCK ABSORBERS 8200681109 X2 for sale - Never used, still boxed - £70 for the pair collected from Haslemere, Surrey GU27 Good for temporary use during a SACHS refurb
  9. andy tims

    OEM Brembo Rear Pads - Free

    Free as long as collected from Haslemere, Surrey - 5-6mm of pad material left
  10. andy tims

    New plate fitted to 008/500

  11. andy tims

    008 was sick, but fault cleared

    So having driven like a dream on the way back from having a few bits done at Rentech on Friday, when I went out in it Friday evening the engine management warning light came on after about half a mile and it started running rough. There was also a bad smell, that I'd struggle to describe. I...
  12. andy tims

    An update on # 008

    So I'm hopefully close to getting my Trophy pretty well sorted having acquired it in April. The front Sachs dampers were badly in need of a refurb, so Rentech took them out for me and fitted some loan dampers. They also fitted the set of Mark Fish springs I'd bought. The car drove miles better...
  13. andy tims

    Mark Fish springs fitted - very pleased

    I had the front Sachs removed, loan dampers & a new set of Mark Fish springs fitted today by Rentech. What a massive improvement? Much firmer, but not too firm & massively more stable with no crashing on unavoidable minor potholes, or sunken manhole covers. Can't wait to see how much better...
  14. andy tims

    Pioneer DEH 8400 BT Head Unit for sale

    This CD player, FM, USB, Aux, Bluetooth head unit with steering wheel controls was in my Trophy when I got it. I've now swapped for a DAB unit. We live in a relatively poor signal area but FM wasn't the best on this unit. It comes with everything in the 2nd photo, but no box or manual...
  15. andy tims

    Smaller Steering Wheel Options

    I'd like a smaller wheel - is the 330mm Renault Sport model the best option?
  16. andy tims

    New owner - Handling questions

    So I got my Trophy yesterday. On the way home I had a chance to push it a bit on a twisty bit of a road. The car felt a bit "floaty" over high speed bumps and there was a bit of crashing when I hit small potholes / bits of bad road surface. The Sachs dampers were service just over 20,000 miles...
  17. andy tims

    Owners manual / Renault Sport Manual

    Does anyone have a PDF of either / both the above please? My car came with neither and they are apparently no longer available. Thanks if you can help.