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  1. SharkyUK

    TrophyTracker Web Application

    Hey Trophy Community! I hope you don't mind but I've decided to create a separate post for TrophyTracker related updates and information. The project has reached a fair size now (and represents a significant time investment) hence it helps if I can keep all TrophyTracker related 'stuff' in one...
  2. SharkyUK

    Trophy Info

    I wasn't sure whether or not to post this as I expect there may be differing views and opinions as to whether or not it's a good thing... Let me explain. This website is a fantastic resource for information pertaining to these awesome little cars. One of the best sections, I feel, is the Trophy...
  3. SharkyUK

    Trophy v2.0

    #165 may well be leaving my ownership in the coming few months, but a little bit of Le Clio B*stard Rouge will always live on with me! #redisthecolour #t44phy :LOL::ROFLMAO:
  4. SharkyUK

    Brand New Mark Fish Trophy Springs

    I bought these brand new Mark Fish Trophy spec springs for my build but, alas, it was never to see the light of day. As a result I am looking to sell them on. They are absolutely mint and this is the first and only time I've opened them - to take a few pics. I would like what I paid for them -...
  5. SharkyUK

    Brembo 197 4-pot Conversion Brackets

    I have for sale a brand new and unused set of Chris Powell conversion brackets. These brackets are for the 300mm setup and allow you to run the Clio 197 4-pot Brembos on your 172/182. They cost me £163.03, but I'm looking for £110 delivered. They are currently located near Long Eaton (between...
  6. SharkyUK

    WANTED: Genuine (full) Cup alternator setup

    Hi all, I'm looking for a genuine (full) Cup alternator setup for my build / project. I'm really struggling to find one and it's holding things up! Please shout up if you know or hear of such a setup for sale. Cheers!
  7. SharkyUK

    WANTED: Pair of Trophy Recaro Trendline Seats

    Does anyone, by any chance, have a set they are looking to sell? Or do you know someone with the seats who is looking to sell? Many thanks :)
  8. SharkyUK

    Trophy Owners' Register - Extension

    Hi folks, A little moment of your time if you please. :smile: As many of us here know, this forum has a really useful Owners' Register section. Each 182 Trophy is listed by number and owners and enthusiasts alike are able to update each car's 'history' by adding appropriate content to the...
  9. SharkyUK

    Trophys by County

    Inspired by a recent thread elsewhere on this site, let's have a quick poll to see where the majority of the Trophys are located by (UK) county / principal area... EDIT: I was going to do a poll, but I was restricted to only presenting 10 options hence that idea went in the bin. So, just feel...
  10. SharkyUK

    Pro-Speed Exhaust System (incl. cat)

    Ongoing upgrade plans mean that my trusty and reliable Pro-Speed exhaust is no longer needed and is up for sale. It's a custom full stainless system that was expertly crafted by Charlie at Pro-Speed, Cardiff, and lived on my RenaultSport Clio 182 Trophy for many happy miles. The system...
  11. SharkyUK

    Funding your Trophy...

    We've had a thread about Trophy mileage, and we've had a thread that resulted in some interesting results when enquiring about owners' ages. So... I thought I'd just put it out there and ask what folks do day-to-day to fund their Trophy addiction. Judging by the results from the owners' ages...
  12. SharkyUK

    Trophy Tracker

    This is purely an idea at the moment but I was thinking of maybe knocking up some sort of Trophy Tracker system / website? It could rely on community- / owner-provided information to keep the records up-to-date for each of the 500 Trophys that rolled off the assembly line (possibly even the...
  13. SharkyUK


    Ok folks... as you may (or may not) know there's a new social media-like platform launching shortly purely for car / petrolheads. It is called DriveTribe and is backed by Clarkson, Hammond and May. It could be very good. At the moment it is invite only (unless you have early access codes) but it...
  14. SharkyUK

    A couple of #165/500...

    Here are a couple of videos of my Trophy with the ITB's fitted. Sorry for the dodgy soundtrack on the second video. There was too much wind noise so I put a soundtrack over it. A bad one. LOL! :D Sound test: Sunday drive...
  15. SharkyUK

    Clio's at Castle Combe Action Day

    Like many at Castle Combe's Action Day last weekend, we had a very enjoyable day out and made the most of the sunny weather. Our stand was again a mixture of various makes and models but we did have a couple of RenaultSport Clio's on show - including my own Trophy. During the day it was great...
  16. SharkyUK

    Rolling Road Day @ PowerStation

    Here are a few photos from last weekends Rolling Road day at PowerStation, Tewkesbury. We had a varied selection of cars along for the day... mostly Hondas, couple of M3's and a couple of ClioSport's (Guppy's fantastic motor and my Trophy). Big thanks to those that turned up to support us and...
  17. SharkyUK

    Wet 'n' windy Autumn Drive

    A friend of ours is soon leaving for distant shores and decided he fancied a final drive out in his DC5 before he goes and the car is sold. Hence, Salem (Black Civic Type-R), myself (Trophy), Moggsy (DC5 owner) and a few other friends all decided to brave the weather and head out for a drive...
  18. SharkyUK

    SharkyUK's Trophy - #165

    SharkyUK's RenaultSport Clio 182 Trophy My RenaultSport Clio 182 Trophy is a limited editon model (with only 500 having been made) and the following images and narrative depict my ownership and experiences with this fantastic hot-hatch. Service History and Maintenance A few details of the...
  19. SharkyUK

    Trophy @ RMC's Club Day

    We recently held our Club Day (which was actually a weekend) and enjoyed what was a thoroughly fantastic time! The weather was decent, the company excellent, and the cars on show very capable and having a lot of fun. (Sadly I was the only RenaultSport there among predominantly Japanese motors)...
  20. SharkyUK

    Has anyone...?

    Has anyone here fitted an LSD to their Trophy? Any idea as to what options are available in terms of LSD's for the 182/Trophy? Many thanks :D
  21. SharkyUK

    SharkyUK's Trophy

    Well, seeing as the Trophy is very much a keeper I thought I'd start a pictures thread. That way I can keep them all together without starting different threads everytime I wanted to add new pics! :lol: Here are a few recent photos to get the ball rolling, click to enlarge...
  22. SharkyUK

    S.Wales Brecon Run - Jan '09 - * Video footage added *

    Here are some photos from Rebel's first outing of 2009 - a run around the Brecon area, South Wales (mixed cars/marques). Despite the poor conditions of late we were blessed with pretty good weather given the time of year. For the majority of the run it was quite pleasant (if a little wet in...
  23. SharkyUK

    Messin' about with Photoshop

    Here is my pimped Trophy with a new paint job and slightly lowered... :lol: :shock:
  24. SharkyUK

    Another question... advice again please

    Sorry to keep bombarding with all the questions of late... :lol: I'm after some more advice and opinions again please. Following a recent trip to the Lake District my partner and I have noticed that the Trophy isn't quite as 'spritely' as usual so I carried out the usual checks (i.e. the...
  25. SharkyUK

    Trophy Twins (pic heavy - 33 pics)

    As you probably have seen in a couple of other posts in this section, Jonny and I took our Trophys out for a drive with friends from the Rebel Motorsport Club last weekend (well, my Good Lady did the driving whilst I took the photos!) I've finally got the majority of the Trophy pics together and...
  26. SharkyUK

    Brake Upgrade - Ideas and opinions please

    Hey guys, When I bought my Trophy a year ago the first thing I did was upgrade the brakes (to the little known CRN grooved discs and EBC RedStuff pads). I have to be honest they are actually very, very good (and I got them cheaper as they were part of a group buy in which my Good Lady also...
  27. SharkyUK

    Nr. Tremorfa - didn't catch registration

    Saw a guy in his Trophy... who didn't see the good lady and I driving by in the opposite direction... in my Trophy... :lol:
  28. SharkyUK

    Gifts from the Good Lady

    My beloved kindly bought me a few items for my Trophy - engine cover, battery cover and a new cf front splitter. Here are a few pics... Random-Recaro shot :oops: Thanks salem! :D She also has a few other items for me but I have to wait until my birthday in AUGUST!!! :shock: :lol:
  29. SharkyUK

    Rebel Wales Tour (Picture heavy!)

    Salem and I organised (over the last few months) a Wales Tour and it took place over last weekend. Here are a selection of pics (with a few of my Trophy, lil' Raspberry) for good measure. :lol: From Day 1 From Day 2...
  30. SharkyUK

    A few impromptu pics...

    I picked up #165 last night... and my girlfriend and I decided to take our cars out earlier this evening to grab a few pictures. Here they are! I'm still grinning having experienced the handling that the Trophy is renowned for. :D Cheers, SharkyUK