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    Brake pad recommendations.

    I had mintex 1144 and used them everyday and for sprinting my clio trophy at places like Coombe, landow etc and they never missed a beat. But some people say they are rubbish but my experience was a good one
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    Clio trophy

    Hi all, Any trophy’s likely to come up for sale soon? I have seen the ones on eBay and they don’t have Sachs or are not original so keen to ideally get one needing some work or ready to go. I used to own number 409 but sold it last year. I am after one to be driven rather than stuck in a...
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    Low Mileage Trophy for sale.

    There are a few cars about at the minute but in my opinion the prices being asked isn’t representative of the quality, prep and standard of the cars. for example there is one on 126k with little or no info on the belts, Sachs refurbs and a few other things - the seller wants £6k. Good luck and...
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    Removing interior carpet

    Agree I removed all of the seats on my drive with axle stands. You need a deep socket 17mm from memory to avoid the exhaust and then you are away. definitely worth just trying to move the one bit of carpet for dampness before you start taking the whole interior out. Thanks
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    Which one?

    It is low miles like the other one on autotrader but no mention of the cambelt, other servicing items besides the shocks, plus needs a tidy up with the floor mats, aircon panel, etc. Not sure 50k miles and Sachs being redone makes it an £11k car to be honest even if it is a clio trophy but...
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    Facebook Trophy page - what happens to folk !

    Agree with the comments above. Facebook attracts keyboard warriors but also people seem to forget that everyone knows how to use a search engine to find past and current prices of things - it’s hardly rocket science is it. some people are definitely trying it on especially when it comes to...
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    Collecting car trophy

    Yeah don’t disagree but I think that site has someone bidding up the prices especially with the buyers premium...
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    Collecting car trophy

    It’s number 452 by the way
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    Collecting car trophy

    Hi all, does anyone know about the clio trophy which is on collecting cars? I am half tempted to buy one but £4K for 160k mile car needing the belts doing and unclear on the Sachs.. get it is a trophy but must admit some of the recent cars are over priced in my opinion. Good news for current...
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    Clio 182 Trophy #368/500 - Mega Spec

    Wow great advert ash. This car is absolutely brilliant, it was Alan’s old car and he was very much an attention to detail person which it looks like ash you have taken to a different level. also Paul’s work on it is first class so is an excellent car. He has worked on all of my trophy’s over...
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    Any trophy 182s for sale guys??

    There is one for sale on Facebook and other one on eBay
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    1:18 Model

    Yep count me in
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    So good!!

    Don’t say that, I sold my trophy earlier this year as I wasn’t using it. And have just managed to persuade my wife an alien green 200 is a good purchase.. are the 200’s not great? Gearboxes better than the 197? thanks pete
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    Clio trophy wanted

    Hi all, my car is now sold, sad to see it go. And also have Kev my spares, forgot how much stuff I had... good luck with the search. Thanks Pete
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    Clio 182 Trophy 409 for sale

    Hi all, car now sold to a really nice chap called Kev, who is going to use it for some shows and advertising his company as he runs kamracing. Well worth a look sad times and almost decided not to sell it but will be well looked after. Thanks pete
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    Clio 182 Trophy 409 for sale

    Hi all, I have sold a couple of the spares separately so reducing the price to £4,750ono Thanks Pete
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    Clio 182 Trophy 409 for sale

    Renault Clio 182 Trophy For Sale – Price £5,000 I have decided to sell my Clio 182 Trophy after 3 years of owning as I am just not getting the time to drive it and I have recently lost my storage space, so the car will be sat outside, so I am sad to say it’s time to sell the car for someone else...
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    Clio 182 trophy help me price it

    Thanks all, at the end of the day it’s a red clio with 130k miles on it. I know it has the recaro’s, dampers etc but overall £4.5k-£5k seems about right. If anyone is after one and interested please point them in my direction. And I will get the advert up over the weekend. thanks pete
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    Clio 182 trophy help me price it

    Thanks both, obviously £6k would be nicer but as an enthusiast not sure I could justify its worth that but I suppose I am not in any rush... thanks
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    Clio 182 trophy help me price it

    Hi all, I hate the how much is it worth posts but I have decided after only 1,500 miles in my clio last year and losing my storage space - it’s not fair on my trophy to be sat outside all year doing nothing. So I am trying to work out a fair price for ideally an enthusiast to buy it... it is...
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    Sachs dampers

    Sold already..... probably priced them too cheap but going to a good home and trophy owner.
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    Sachs dampers

    Hi all, I am going to be selling my clio trophy soon(no.409). Advert to be loaded Saturday so I am going to sell my various spares as well. I have a brand new set of Sachs dampers which I bought in the group buy back in 2018. they have never been on my car as I have some Sachs front dampers...
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    Trophy Info

    Just updated the website via the contact form with trophy number 409 details. car passed its mot @129,892 miles and going strong. Cambelt, alternator, water pump and full service just completed by local renault independent. next job is to drive it more in 2020 after less than 2k in 2019. Not...
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    Trophy Info

    I have number 409, owned since January 2017 from memory.. I haven’t posted much on here around the history but happy to share the latest and recent updates. My car has just had its cambelt done, service, alternator and due an mot tomorrow. still going strong at 130k miles
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    Here you go£10-500.829500/
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    Think there is one for sale on cliosport for £10k with 40k on the clock from memory
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    Thinking of selling my Trophy...

    Great write up and sounds like you have looked after it well. £5k sounds pretty fair to me looking at the general trophy market at the minute however considering the time, money you have spent on it and enjoyment factor if only driving it a few times a year these all add up to more than the £5k...
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    Some right knobs about

    Unfortunately it’s full of people with daft opinions and a view that every clio is worth £2k. It is good to read at times just for the amount of stupid comments
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    Turini wheels for sale

    Sold and collected already. Probably priced them too low in the end but he ho Thanks for the interest Pete