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  1. Patrick Bateman

    Replacement battery

    Going to be replacing mine before the winter properly sets in. Having a look online I can only really find threads from years ago. Is there a current recommended go-to battery for these? I'm imagining an offering from Bosch is a safe bet.
  2. Patrick Bateman

    Rear ABS Sensors

    My car is needing the driver side rear replaced and the garage has just been on the phone saying the ones they've ordered don't fit. They've been hearing they're no longer available but are going to phone Renault in the morning. Can anyone shed any light on this and point me in the direction of...
  3. Patrick Bateman

    Short rattle when depressing clutch pedal

    As you can see/hear in the video, there's a noticeable rattle that appears for a few seconds when first depressing the clutch pedal. This then stops while the clutch pedal is still down. Had the original clutch replaced 2 years ago at over 100k miles. If it was a release bearing would you not...
  4. Patrick Bateman

    Cambelt change- what else?

    Trophy is due its second cambelt in my ownership in the next month. What else should I get replaced that may be original that can only be done when the cambelt is coming off? The dephaser and water pump were already replaced last time at 10 years old and were fine so that's 2 things I won't be...
  5. Patrick Bateman

    Inconsistent fuel gauge

    Any common or likely issues that could cause this? This becomes more inconsistent in the last quarter of a tank where it can vary quite a bit. Fuel light can come on way earlier than it should given the needle position. First sign of a problem was a while ago now when I'd park the car after...
  6. Patrick Bateman

    Rear caliper slider bolts

    Struggling to find these listed anywhere, can anyone point me in the right direction? Front ones are no issue to find but I'm told the pins in the rear of mine are worn. To the point the rear brakes can make a bit of a racket if you pulse the pedal when coming to a standstill.
  7. Patrick Bateman

    ARB Outer Brackets P/N 546141405R- source?

    This is a copy and paste job from the cliosport forum, in a bit of a bind at the minute. One of mine is broken and the garage and RPD are having trouble sourcing these, seems Renault no longer supply. What other options are there given it's just a cheap bracket? Assume other folk have had this...
  8. Patrick Bateman


    Got the gearbox out just now and a chap on cliosport has refurbished it and the diff, going to chuck a clutch in too given it's stripped that far and over 100k miles. What are folks thoughts on brands? Sachs is always a safe bet in my eyes but a quick google had a few folk mentioning to stick...
  9. Patrick Bateman

    Brakes- corrosion

    How often are you forced into changing yours due to corrosion? The Trophy is a second car but still gets used a few times a week. Regardless, I find the rear discs especially always end up corroding quite badly. Fronts at the minute are apparently a bit corroded on the inside too, plenty of...
  10. Patrick Bateman

    2005 Boxster 2.7- Hartech rebuild £8000

    2005 Porsche Boxster 2.7 5 speed RS60 Spyder Exhaust 17" Cayman wheels MOT June 2018 (no advisories) 83,000 miles Change in work circumstances forces sale. Car had a Hartech engine rebuild (~£7000) at 54k miles with the previous owner in 2013. Improved IMS bearing was fitted at this time so...
  11. Patrick Bateman

    Coolant loss

    Very slow, from max to min on the expansion tank in around 1600 miles. Recently replaced the cap with an original Renault one to no avail. Thread here at cliosport- Pressure tested the system with no drop or signs of leaks but the...
  12. Patrick Bateman

    182 vs Trophy- can you tell the difference?

    The reason I'm asking is my Trophy is on cup springs and dampers at the minute (front) because one of the sachs dampers was leaking slightly and needs a refurb. They were previously done in 2013 by Cornering Force. Now I didn't notice an issue in driving the car hard while on the sachs dampers...
  13. Patrick Bateman

    Rear shock absorbers

    So much is made of the front shocks for good reason but I was curious to see how many people have replaced the rears. My fronts are in need of a refurb so, when I get round to it, contemplating getting the rears done too given they're on over 92k miles.
  14. Patrick Bateman

    Fitting cup dampers and springs

    Sachs are needing to come off for a refurb and I have cup parts ready to swap on. My question is should I swap out the rear ones as well to match or is it fine to just put the front cup ones on and leave the original rears in place? I'll still be properly driving the car in this time and not...
  15. Patrick Bateman

    Understeer- or lack thereof

    On decent tyres, has anyone ever experienced any that isn't just a hint and then totally disappears? Now I know these grip like limpets but coming off a slip road there, 5 degrees, soaking wet (good visibility) and properly pushing it to see just how much the front can run wide, feel it...
  16. Patrick Bateman

    Eagle F1 compared to PS3 XL

    I've been very happy with the Goodyears but have heard a few folk mention the XL PS3 as offering a much better feel than other tyres, has anyone compared these directly? I only need to replace 2 tyres just now but am wondering if it's worth changing for better feel or if it's negligible?
  17. Patrick Bateman

    Cruise control/speed limiter not working

    So I can call up the symbols on the dash when I press the switch but can't actually activate either of them. I've had the car since October 2014 and it's never worked in my ownership, just getting round to it now. I've had it in at the garage and the mechanic was thinking either the clutch...
  18. Patrick Bateman

    Remove sachs for winter?

    Does anyone do this? Is it worth it? I'm in Scotland and the car might get semi-regular use over the winter. I've got a spare set of cup dampers and springs that I could have swapped over easily enough. If so, is swapping out the front ones alone ok or is it best to do rear too?
  19. Patrick Bateman

    182 Trophy Suspension noise

    Just started to notice this more recently. It's not really apparent at speed, only occasionally showing itself but at low speed going over speed bumps and the like there's an obvious creak/crash from the front left of the car. It's definitely the left as I've made sure to go over speed bumps...
  20. Patrick Bateman

    182 Service history gap

    What do we make of something like a 27k mile gap and a 20k mile gap between services? I'd like to think it'll have a negligible effect in real terms given the engines are meant to be strong. I bought a 330Ci before that had over 30k miles between a service and it always ran sweetly at over 100k...
  21. Patrick Bateman

    Clio Trophy Scotland

    I'm in Angus so the closer to there the better. Number 437 is for sale at a trader in Fife but reading the previous owner's experience has put me off the hassle of that one. That being said, this will be a second car and not a daily driver.