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  1. Braddaz1

    Twingo R1 Scraper Caps

    I’ve got a used set of Sachs front dampers that I’m looking to refurb. I was wanting to retrofit the Twingo R1 style scraper cap to them. However, I’m struggling to locate where I can buy them from. Does anyone know where to buy them? BG Motorsport are saying they don’t supply them but would...
  2. Braddaz1

    Caps for front Sachs dampers

    I’ve realised that I don’t have the black caps for my Sachs dampers (circled in the attached pic). Does anyone have any spare ones, or can anyone point me in the right direction as to where I can get a set? Any help is massively appreciated.
  3. Braddaz1

    Trophy for sale at Orion Solutions

    Has anyone got any info on the Clio Trophy that’s up for sale at Orion Solutions in Wales? Does anyone know what number it is etc to help me do some diligence in the first instance...
  4. Braddaz1

    WANTED - OE Trophy front springs

    Looking for a pair of original Eibach Trophy front springs. Must be in good condition.
  5. Braddaz1

    Sachs front dampers wanted

    Sorry to be a pest, but I’m the millionth person to want a set of Sachs front dampers. I’m not bothered about the condition of them, so long as they can be refurbished. Thanks in advance.
  6. Braddaz1

    Trophy (YK55***) spotted on Benton Road, Heston, Newcastle

    Spotted at 16:45 on 03/08/2017, next to the traffic lights next to the cemetery on Benton Road, Heston. Young lad was driving. I only caught the first part of the reg "YK55***". I was in my Sierra Cosworth in the opposite direction. It looked very nice.
  7. Braddaz1

    FOR SALE - Sierra RS Cosworth

    Right, I'm going to take the plunge and list my Ford Sierra RS Cosworth for sale, with a view to buying a Trophy. It's a 1988 F registration, early "Sapphire" rear wheel drive model (the most desirable drivetrain). It has 98,000 miles and runs standard power of 204bhp. It is diamond white...
  8. Braddaz1

    My Cossie!!!

    Just got her out today for a wash. She still looks like a pup despite nearing her 29th birthday!!!
  9. Braddaz1

    What would you rather?

    A little bit of a healthy debate. I'm sure we all agree that for performance, the Trophy is the best 182 Clio out there. However, what's your thoughts on some of the rarer coloured and highly desirable 182's? I'm talking about liquid yellow and petrol blue 182's. So, what would you rather...
  10. Braddaz1

    Clio 182 Trophy "project" wanted

    After deciding not to cash in on my Sierra Cosworth to free some funds up, I am now exploring the possibility of Trophy ownership from the cheaper end of the scale (i.e. Project/restoration cars or previously written off examples). What's out there and what sort of prices are being asked...
  11. Braddaz1

    Debate time: What's best - 182 Trophy or V6?

    Let the debate begin!!! There's lots of arguments as to which of these are the better car. Let's see what we all think. Personally, as much as I like the Trophy and I know it'll smoke a V6 on everything but a straight line, I'd say the V6 is the best package overall in terms.
  12. Braddaz1

    WANTED - Sachs front dampers

    As above, I'm looking for a pair of Sachs front dampers. Condition does not have to be mint. As long as they're not so far gone that they can't be refurbed then I'll be happy.
  13. Braddaz1

    Any admins for the Trophy Facebook page on here?

    A while back, I requested to join the Facebook page, "RenaultSport Clio Trophy Club". So far, I haven't had my request to join accepted or rejected. Are any of the admin's for that page on here? If so, could I kindly ask if you can either accept or deny my request to join. I can see all the...
  14. Braddaz1

    LR55AAU - Where is it now?

    This is a car I knew about circa 2006. I've got no idea what number it was but would be nice to see how it's doing. Does anyone know any more about it? It looks like it is still out there.
  15. Braddaz1

    Wanted - a good Trophy

    I'll keep this post rather brief as I know it's a repeated topic that most will be getting sick of. After considering projects and high milers, I'm looking for a good example Trophy. Ideally, I'm looking for a standard (or very close) example with sub 50k miles. A good chunk of service history...