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  1. Gambit

    Recaro Seat belt pretensioner cover

    Me too [emoji106]
  2. Gambit

    Renault Headlights

    / Are they the Xenon versions?
  3. Gambit

    Sachs, time for a new solution?

    Someone get a price on Ohlins for a Clio Trophy. I think 2-3k is reasonable. Anything between 3-5k i'd think twice about. For that money AST's valved to suit would be my next best bet.
  4. Gambit

    Trophy seat refurbisher

    Agree, i have sent an enquiry.
  5. Gambit

    Trophy seat refurbisher

    I found this shop via google search. They have some example Recaro seats that they have retrimmed in tweed and the quailty and craftsmanship looks spot on.
  6. Gambit

    Powder coating rear brake calipers

    Yes they are difficult and time consuming to powdercoat, easy to do just the top caliper brace abc that’s it. I’d guess time and effort would be a pita. Easier to spray paint yourself with some rattle cans from halfords and clear coat on top.
  7. Gambit

    Recaro subframes clio trophy

    Is there a physical difference between the two?
  8. Gambit

    Frayz’s Inferno orange 182 - Back in the old flame

    Thank you! These wheels look mega btw.
  9. Gambit

    Frayz’s Inferno orange 182 - Back in the old flame

    These wheels look great in the that silver finish, good idea on having the decals actually painted on.
  10. Gambit

    Trophy review JayEmm on Cars youtube

    Great quick review on the Trophy. Curious to drive a clio williams now to see what the fuss is about.
  11. Gambit

    Part Numbers

  12. Gambit

    Insurance valuation

    What agreed value are you getting with insurance?
  13. Gambit

    New Car Owner in the UK - Need London Based Guidance

    Welcome ! what # trophy do you have?
  14. Gambit

    Jacking technique

    How about 3D print material ?
  15. Gambit

    Sachs Rears as spotted on market place

    I decided to go with the adjustable Koni yellows. I'd suggest the same. The seals on an old unit like that may go and your left with a cumbersome paper weight 400 quid later.
  16. Gambit

    Jacking technique

    Good point above ^ i'm curious whether anyone has thought about a machined adaptor mount you could bolt up to the front there and the rear where the current jack mounts are to give additional rigidity and width for a normal floor jack to contact to?
  17. Gambit

    Wheel arch liner screws

    What size stainless clips could you use to replace the current rear arch liner clips?
  18. Gambit

    Aftermarket Exhaust Failures

    Get it fixed locally to you and don't bother wasting your time to go there and have it fixed.
  19. Gambit

    Orbisoud Exhaust

    In my humble opinion i hold the PMS system as the best of the best for exhaust systems out there for the Trophy. The quality is second to none and in combination with the mounting system and weld quality on the flanges makes it #1.
  20. Gambit

    Orbisoud Exhaust

    How does the Orbisound compare to a PMS?
  21. Gambit

    Frayz’s Inferno orange 182 - Back in the old flame

    Great source of inspiration. I also have an inferno orange clio 182 cup which was released as an F1 edition here in Australia. I am building it up to my ultimate daily driven street spec car as well there is a thread of it on OzRenaultSport.
  22. Gambit

    Frayz’s Inferno orange 182 - Back in the old flame

    Curious whether you are able to taka rear passengers ? Able to slide the buckets forward and reinstall back seat easy?
  23. Gambit

    New Suspension All Round?

    I am refurbing my entire setup with freshly rebuilt Sachs from BG with new Koni adjustable rear dampers alongside the Eibach Sportlines. I think that look with the Sportlines are bang on great. never been a real fan of the 4x4 look on the trophy on stilts. So happy compromise.
  24. Gambit

    New Suspension All Round?

    Seems some are equally as happy with the eibach sportlines. matched with the Sachs fronts and koni rears.
  25. Gambit

    New Suspension All Round?

    Are these Mark fish or eibach sportlines?
  26. Gambit

    New Suspension All Round?

    What’s the difference in height between eibach sportlines and the eibach mark fish spring? I plan on running koni adjustable on the rear with eibach sportlines with the front Sachs on eibach sportlines as well. How does it compare to the mark fish spring setup? Same for road compliance and height?
  27. Gambit

    Jacking technique

    Thanks guys i'll see if i can get my jack stands to extend as high as those load points at the rear of the car. Otherwise i'll just place the jack stands on the rear sills with rubber blocks when i remove the rear beam.
  28. Gambit

    Jacking technique

    Hi guys if you have to remove the rear subframe where would you recommend the jack point be at the back of the car? With access to those trolly jacks and normal car jack stand only and not a hoist?