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  1. Ashtons99

    Facebook Trophy page - what happens to folk !

    Now I’m presuming that most of the people on the FB Trophy group will be on here and possibly vice versa so what is it about FB that turns people into idiots. Is it the instant conversation element of it that enables people to launch into a response without engaging their brain. I don’t know...
  2. Ashtons99

    Would you swap for a Williams

    I keep hovering over these. I’ve never driven one nor actually seen many in the flesh and I think the reality is you have to pay a fair old wedge to get something nice. It seems like the first “numbered” series is the one to have. Given they eventually made about 13,000 clearly the series 2 & 3...
  3. Ashtons99

    Ceramic coating day

    Given the weather forecast for today I thought I’d crack open the Williams Ceramic paint protection kit. I was given a couple of them a while back but left them on the shelf mainly because I was dubious as to the claims about these products and secondly the work involved. Aware of the claimed...
  4. Ashtons99

    #262 for sale on Collecting Cars

    This one was last for sale in 2017 at £10750 on 40k lots of scenic distant shots with the usual ramblings on the unique qualities of the Trophy we’ve read a thousand times. Looks a decent car, shite mats, messy engine bay....plenty more to pick at. As we know with these boys, folk get giddy...
  5. Ashtons99

    19k car for sale £13500 at Hampsons

    Ad not properly up yet but it will be interesting to see
  6. Ashtons99

    Why all the sudden interest

    last year, even 6 months ago, you struggled to shift a Trophy for anything like reasonable money. The ones for sale seemed to be listed week after week. This last few weeks they are selling faster than bog rolls in April. I brought mine home today from its extended stay in heated storage with...
  7. Ashtons99

    Go Pro suction car mount -new

    Still boxed, never used. Its a genuine Go Pro one, not a copy £20 & post
  8. Ashtons99

    What’s tops on a Trophy these days ?

    Obviously as owners we like to think the worth of the car has increased over what we paid. It seems however that prices have flattened somewhat. I get the feeling that any Trophy, regardless of mileage or condition will struggle to make £8k. There were some that maybe 2yrs ago sold for over...
  9. Ashtons99

    Greenlight won’t insure my car

    Sorry for attention grabbing headline. I had a message left by Greenlight insurance to say the underwriter wont renew as the car has no current MOT. i would have thought as the car has been SORN for a couple of years therefore not being driven they would welcome insuring it with the risk of it...
  10. Ashtons99

    Some right knobs about

    I’ve just been following the FS thread on FB for the Trophy up for sale on there. Are some people born stupid, do they inherit it or just develop it as they get older...I won’t say grow up as that’s doing them a favour. The comments with regard to value, condition etc just defy belief. On the...
  11. Ashtons99

    What’s the current market trend ?

    I’ve not been particularly active on the forum for a while. I’ve not used my car for well over 12 months now. From what I’ve seen the cars have taken a fair old slump in values with little interest in any coming up for sale. I’m a little bewildered by this given the frenzy over them in 2017...
  12. Ashtons99

    Sales seem to have stalled

    A quick search on eBay brings up about 6 cars, all of which seem to have been for sale a while. What is it with these cars that makes it a feast or famine market. There’s the odd nutcase dealer who has obviously got caught trying to flip for a fortune but most seem realistically priced cars but...
  13. Ashtons99

    Think I’m going to move the Cup on

    I’m not mad about selling it but we are now up to 8 cars at home and only really use 2. As a few of you know I have 3 Clios. The Trophy, an Alien 200 and the RB Cup so it’s a bit of a last in first out. The Cup is a beautiful car. Almost perfect paint, when I bought it the bonnet had the...
  14. Ashtons99

    #348 FS on FB page

    Done 108k miles. Looks like plenty of history and fairly tidy. No price though Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Ashtons99

    #275 for sale on FB Trophy Page

    126k Miles £5600, plenty of history, looks a decent car for the money
  16. Ashtons99

    #342 FS on eBay 11k £19k

    not sure whether this has been posted before, I seem to think it was commented on at the beginning of the year
  17. Ashtons99

    Which county claims the claims most Trophy ownership

    The postings on the recent new Sachs thread and owners locations for delivery got me wondering where the bulk of ownership is. In Yorkshire the only cars I know of apart from mine is MossyV6 and new owner as of yesterday, Christrophy. T777PHY with #491might be in our number too but he’s been...
  18. Ashtons99

    #012 for sale on FB CS

    Looks like a 2 owner car 115k £5695 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Ashtons99

    #234 for sale on FB

    WP classics have this 108k miles for sale on FB, no price though, obviously doesn’t know how much he wants for it. He’s also got a Williams 2 £6900 They also have Trophy #260 for sale Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Ashtons99

    #228 for sale on FB Page

    67k miles £7650. Quite well modded and decent history. Looks Tidy
  21. Ashtons99

    Renparts breaking 51k Trophy

    Or so it’s rumoured
  22. Ashtons99

    Made myself some pretensioner covers

    After fitting some trendlines in my Cup I was left with the exposed units which are normally covered by the centre armrest in the donor car. Using the Trophy ones as a pattern, some PU material and Velcro from Dunelm and the instruction book for my wife’s sewing machine I ran these up! I even...
  23. Ashtons99

    OSF wheel arch liner

    I'm after a front wheel arch liner for my cup. Only just noticed it's missing! It's the drivers side and it's the front section, it has a piece which covers the underside corner and I think has an inspection port If anyone can assist.
  24. Ashtons99

    I'm ashamed !

    I thought my interior was clean but today after inheriting a wet n dry vax I thought I'd give it a try on the drivers seat and carpet mat. It's one of those that injects cleaning solution and sucks it out at the same time. This is the colour of the waste water ! I'm hoping most of the colour...
  25. Ashtons99

    #186 FS on FB Trophy page

    another nice car, under 70k miles. Looks like it's been a stolen recovered in the past but no cat marker. Seems well maintained, no price yet
  26. Ashtons99

    #81 FS on FB Trophy page

    no price yet but looks a well kept car, last owner 6 years. Under 80k miles
  27. Ashtons99

    #027 & #243 both FS on FB

    Both are well priced around £5k and around 100k miles. Look good cars Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  28. Ashtons99

    Raised gel letter plates - yes or no?

    A guy I know has started making these, I am in 2 minds about ordering a pair for T19PHY What are the views, chav or must have ?
  29. Ashtons99

    That's it I've actually finished- I think !

    I remembered today that I hadn't taken the side mouldings off the Trophy. Well an hours effort with screwdriver, masking tape, soapy water, scrubbing brush and wax and all back together with 12 years of road muck gone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  30. Ashtons99

    A couple of nights in the engine bay

    I've been wanting to get the car finally finished off for a while. The only thing I had left to sort was the engine bay. The inner wing fuse box had annoyed me from day 1 having a broken locking clip. Also the plenum, fuel rail guard and the engine mount any alloy block on the drivers side...