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  1. IRK

    Trophy on Pistonheads - £15,995

    Not my car. Was just having a browse of PH and came across this. 66k and £15,995.
  2. IRK

    Yaris Gr

    I'm also in the camp of loving the idea of it. Yet to test drive, but it would have to be very special to meet expectations. It's the first new car in a while that's managed to turn my head and prompted me to check prices.
  3. IRK

    119 at The Market

    Looks brill in the photos. Good luck with the sale!
  4. IRK

    Wow! Trophy 342 for sale.

    I can't see anyone who can afford to sit on that for a few years losing money on it. Only gonna go one way.
  5. IRK

    Clio Trophy 342/500

    Must be one of the lowest mileage cars out there?
  6. IRK

    Rattling Single Din Cage

    Will send a photo tomorrow, cheers. I bent the tabs on the bottom and side, but the housing lip seems too thick to bend the top ones. I'm probably being daft! Appreciate the help 😊
  7. IRK

    Rattling Single Din Cage

    Morning all! I've installed my new stereo and stalk controls - it works perfectly but the cage doesn't fit snugly so it rattles around, adding another element to the Renault Symphony. Has anyone who's installed an aftermarket stereo had this issue and if so, how was it corrected? I was going...
  8. IRK

    Renault Headlights

    There's Hella units on eBay brand new. Weren't they the the manufacturer of the originals? Link to one here
  9. IRK


    Thanks for the tips Frayz! A squeaking linkage sounds as bad if not worse than the annoying click of the blade catching at the moment ha!
  10. IRK


    I've not had the linkage out during my ownership, but perhaps that could be the culprit. Wasn't sure if there was something I'd done wrong in setting them, but I'll break the tools out tomorrow and have a look.
  11. IRK


    I've just changed the wiper blades from standard to Bosch Aero Twin units. My old ones were both 21" which I believe is correct to Renault specs, but the passenger side used to catch the A pillar, particularly when on high. The wipers are positioned as low down towards the scuttle as I can get...
  12. IRK


    Seeing the underside of this car makes me all giddy and provokes an urge to rip mine apart and rebuild 😂
  13. IRK

    What's your mileage after 15 (and a bit) years?

    #036 - 94,000 (selling on eBay) #043 - 50,007 #055 - 16,890 #077 - 109,308 #125 - 121,800 #138 - 77,049 #151 - 49,058 #156 - 96,826 (OFN) #189 - 147,689 #196 - 91,750 #207 - 28,781 #224 - 113,000 (selling on eBay) #256 - 117,898 (RIP) #329 - 45,295 (OFN) #335 - 153,000 (selling on eBay) #349 -...
  14. IRK

    Facebook Trophy page - what happens to folk !

    I was involved in that exchange early on unfortunately (I'm Iain). When the OP asked for evidence of recent selling prices, I provided links showing him two plates that had sold within the last few months for less than a third of his asking price. He then proceeded to personally insult me, at...
  15. IRK

    Trophy seat refurbisher

    Do love a bit of tweed, they look superb!
  16. IRK

    309/500 For Sale

    True! There seemed to be a surge over summer but I initially thought that was just down to people having holiday money burning a hole in their pocket. That and a "sod it, you only live once" approach. Maybe a bit of everything at play, very interesting though. I know having the Trophy to mess...
  17. IRK

    309/500 For Sale

    Good money. Even better considering the time of year and current economic climate.
  18. IRK

    Clio 182 Trophy #368/500 - Mega Spec

    Sorry to hear you have to sell. Cracking advert and well worth the money. Good luck with the sale!
  19. IRK

    Selling my Trophy

    Needs a little more info. Belt service dates and mileage, Sachs condition, service history would help put a value on it.
  20. IRK

    Tyre wall black products.??

    I use Megs Endurance. Never had any issues with fling but tend not to drive until the day after applying.
  21. IRK


    Welcome! Looking forward to seeing the project progress. Is the aim to put it back to standard?
  22. IRK

    Oxygen Sensor

    Cheers for the reply! That's put my mind at ease as it wasn't replaced too long ago.
  23. IRK

    Oxygen Sensor

    Evening all. Finally got my old laptop working to run RSTuner and looked at the live data for the o2 sensors. Forgive my ignorance as I'm not entirely sure how they're supposed to work, but the front o2 sensor voltage was fluctuating massively from a low of 87 up to 741 constantly. I've got a...
  24. IRK

    Lost Bullet

    Le fast et le furious? Will give it a go, cheers!
  25. IRK

    Orbisoud Exhaust

    Sounds and looks great! How does it stack up to the BTM? Noise, fitment etc?
  26. IRK

    Trophy No88 - Stolen - Edinburgh

    So sorry to hear about this and hope the outcome is positive. Seems a strange car to pinch with the rarity and unique build number attached. Can't imagine it would be possible to shift on as a whole and parts will be easy to identify if they come up.
  27. IRK

    Trophy up on collecting cars

    Congrats on the purchase! You're gonna love it. For the belts, as a general rule it makes sense to have all belts, dephaser and water pump etc done at the same time by a Renaultsport specialist. The labour is the biggest cost of the job, so it'll save the risk of having to pay it all again in...
  28. IRK

    Trophy up on collecting cars

    Add in the buyers premium of £600 and it's top money. Good news for us all or just a case of two bidders who really wanted it? I guess it includes the original seats so could easily be put back to standard with parts to sell.
  29. IRK

    Trophy Branded Mats - Group Buy

    No worries, Cue. Thanks for sorting. I'm at the end of my tether with Auto Style. They clearly don't want the business and yet again, I've had no reply from them. Very disappointing but their loss is someone else's gain. Feel free to crack on if you want to take over with this :) Also, as I...
  30. IRK

    Steering Wheel £15