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  1. IRK

    Trophy on Pistonheads - £15,995

    Not my car. Was just having a browse of PH and came across this. 66k and £15,995.
  2. IRK

    Rattling Single Din Cage

    Morning all! I've installed my new stereo and stalk controls - it works perfectly but the cage doesn't fit snugly so it rattles around, adding another element to the Renault Symphony. Has anyone who's installed an aftermarket stereo had this issue and if so, how was it corrected? I was going...
  3. IRK


    I've just changed the wiper blades from standard to Bosch Aero Twin units. My old ones were both 21" which I believe is correct to Renault specs, but the passenger side used to catch the A pillar, particularly when on high. The wipers are positioned as low down towards the scuttle as I can get...
  4. IRK

    Oxygen Sensor

    Evening all. Finally got my old laptop working to run RSTuner and looked at the live data for the o2 sensors. Forgive my ignorance as I'm not entirely sure how they're supposed to work, but the front o2 sensor voltage was fluctuating massively from a low of 87 up to 741 constantly. I've got a...
  5. IRK

    Trophy Branded Mats - Group Buy

    Hi all, As interest has been relatively good, I thought it was worth starting a thread to gauge numbers for a group buy of the Trophy branded mats. I used Auto Style and they came in at £72 delivered to mainland UK. This is for their premium black carpet, black binding, a drivers side heel pad...
  6. IRK

    Steering Wheel £15

    MK2 Clio RS steering wheel. Thumb grips are stained but intact, missing one of the cruise buttons and no trim piece. Ideal for a refurb or to pop on while yours is away. £10 collected from Newcastle Upon Tyne or £15 posted to mainland UK. PayPal payment and social distancing to be observed.
  7. IRK

    Replacement Headlight Bulbs

    I'm going to replace the head and side light bulbs as they're like candles in jam jars at the moment. I've had a look around this forum and others, but with so many options, brands and a huge price range, it's hard to know what is best for value and quality. A lot of the info I found was also...
  8. IRK

    Door Sill Protector Strips

    I’m after a set of new door sill protectors, as pictured (lifted off another forum). Mine are looking a bit scratched and scuffed and want to replace them as part of my refresh. Does anyone know the part numbers please or where they might be available? Better yet, does anyone have a set they’d...
  9. IRK

    V6 Airbox £100

    V6 airbox removed from my Trophy for sale (believe it's a JMS / Espace unit). Sounds epic and gives a throaty induction noise. Great fun, but restoring my car to standard so it has to go! Includes Pipercross filter, silicone hose with jubilee clips and oil breather filter. All metal airbox...
  10. IRK

    Battery Tray

    I'm moving the battery back to the engine bay, but the tray has been removed by the previous owner. Is this just a standard MK2 Clio part or is there a specific one for the 2.0? Found this on eBay that will apparently fit - can someone confirm please...
  11. IRK

    Trophy 196/500 For Sale

    With much regret, I am listing Trophy #196 for sale. I have owned the car for a relatively short time, but a job opportunity in the big city means it's neither practical nor affordable to keep it and take it with me. 82,800 Miles Full Service History (Receipts/Invoices or Stamps Present) 2 x...
  12. IRK

    Clio Trophy Wanted

    Hi everyone, Firstly, apologies for another 'Trophy Wanted' thread, but I feel like this might be the best way to find the right car. I'm a long-time lurker on the forum, and after a bit of uncertainty, I've decided a Trophy is what I want next. I sold my ST180 yesterday, so no going back now...