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  1. Claude

    What's your mileage after 15 (and a bit) years?

    I’m up almost exactly 10,000 miles since last count. I’m quite surprised it’s not more. It really should be more. Must try harder! #043 - 50,007 #138 - 77,049 #256 - 117,898 (RIP) #329 - 45,295 (OFN) #356 - 63,200 #407 - 97,515 #429 - 40,400 #430 - 48,182 (OFN) #455 - 71,888
  2. Claude

    Rear Springs (Part Corroded)

    In that case, I’d try something else 😉
  3. Claude

    Rear Springs (Part Corroded)

    Cooksport springs on the rear offer quite a noticeable difference in ride height so I’d suggest Cup springs from Renault - they’re so close to OEM you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference.
  4. Claude


    If it was me I’d base it purely on their condition/performance and would ignore age and mileage. If they still work, great! If they don’t, get them done. Keep it simple 👍
  5. Claude

    Insurance agreed values, which companys.????

    Admiral do agreed value policies?
  6. Claude

    Insurance agreed values, which companys.????

    Are there any other providers to try since this thread was last updated? Cheers!
  7. Claude

    Hermes lost my Dampers

    60mm bolt spacing is Trophy fitment. 54mm is not.
  8. Claude

    ICE upgrade opinions

    Is it worth replacing speakers unless you’re going to add an amplifier? Will there be a discernible difference? Something else to consider is to add an under seat sub woofer, that could help too.
  9. Claude

    Unique seat subframe number plaques

    I got some domed ones for mine, either from here or eBay.
  10. Claude

    Happy B'Day

    #455 is celebrating today
  11. Claude

    Boot Struts

    Magnetti Marelli from eBay. You’ll get other responses too, I’ve only tried the above so they’re my recommendation.
  12. Claude

    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    My guess is more have been sold on than put to work.
  13. Claude

    EVO sticker

    Have you tried or whatever the website is? They might have a shop, if not Im sure you’ll be able to find some on eBay.
  14. Claude

    Red Paint...

    If it was me I’d take it to a professional detailer with a strong reputation. They will know what can be revitalised through their services and what might need to go to a paint shop to be put right. At least then you’ll have a better idea of next steps and things to research for either DIY if...
  15. Claude

    Red Paint...

    In particular places or all over the entire car?
  16. Claude

    Red Paint...

    OP - are you talking about having panels or the whole car resprayed? Or are you coming at it from a paint correction/detailing perspective?
  17. Claude

    Trophy No88 - Stolen - Edinburgh

    If you think their initial offer is a fair reflection of the condition and mileage of yours, plus you value your time and want to avoid the effort you might need to put in to possibly get a better offer, then take it. Without any details of your car I’ll assume it wasn’t on 150k miles and in...
  18. Claude

    Insurance for young'un

    Common insurers I’ve seen include Keith Michaels, Greenlight, Flux, Sky, Brendacre, and all the well known brands. Consider asking if they’ll offer an agreed value policy for peace of mind should the worst happen. The last thing any owner wants is a battle to secure a reasonable payout. That...
  19. Claude

    Trophy No88 - Stolen - Edinburgh

    Not sure I would, I’d be gutted, but I’d take the agreed value and move on. Would I want it back not knowing what had happened in it or how it had been used? Hopefully I never find myself in that position.
  20. Claude

    top mounts and bearings

    You could try the chaps at Renault Parts Direct, they’ve always been extremely helpful in the past.
  21. Claude

    New Suspension All Round?

    I don’t know many people at all that have gone with the Pro option - is there a reason for that?? I’ve no idea how they compare but having tried standard, Cooksport and Eibach Sportlines I’m an advocate of the latter - now on my second set 👍
  22. Claude

    Wheel Spacers??

    For me it was a decision based on aesthetics, and I didn’t notice any discernible difference. Common thinking is that if you run wheel spacers on the rear (vs stub axle spacers) you put added strain on the rear wheel bearings. Trophy wheels are ET45 (or 43, I never remember which,) and the Cup...
  23. Claude

    Trophy Number 446

    If it’s not there then I’d be surprised if there was much if any documented updates on the car, which is a real shame. I wonder how many Trophys are off the grid and yet to have an entry in the owners register, I’d like to think it’s a small number and this is a rarity. The best you can do is...
  24. Claude

    Trophy Number 446

    Have you found the entry in the owners register (if it exists)?
  25. Claude

    Personalised Plate - T77PHY

    Is this the one in/near Lambourn?
  26. Claude

    WANTED - Good Gearbox

    If you’re on, NorthloopCup, or on Facebook, Mark Mayfield (same person) has a good reputation. The gearbox for a Trophy is no different to that of a 182 👍
  27. Claude

    How Many Left and How Many SORNed

    I guess it’s indicative of how many Trophys are second cars, still, it’s a much higher number than I’d have thought.
  28. Claude

    Insurance agreed values, which companys.????

    A couple of years ago I was a new customer with Keith Michaels who did the business. Can’t say with any certainty that they’re still offering it to new new customers. All the best
  29. Claude

    Write off value? Sad times.

    Weren’t Greenlight no longer taking on Trophy agreed value policies? Or did I misread that somewhere?
  30. Claude

    Clio trophy wanted

    Pete’s selling #409 in Bristol, could be just what you’re looking for. Check out the for sale section on here 👍