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    Romsey 12/11

    Private plate beginning with T. Not the usual member spot unless you changed the plate!
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    Who's trophy was at Rentech today?
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    Only on the top half of the page though :D
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    My infamous Mk1 172

    Y March 2001 (last of the Mk1 172's) 68,000 genuine miles (Cambelt replaced) Pearl Black 16" OZ F1 Cups (rare) Prospeed Custom Exhaust Brembo Discs/Greenstuff Pads/Goodridge Braided Lines PH2 rear Bumper, bump strips and rear lights. Sat on Eibach Pro springs Laserline alarm/immobiliser...
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    M27 Eastbound - Hamble

    Trophy spotted just past the hamble junction around 12:30 today.
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    A444 Burton-on-trent

    Parked on the drive somewhere along the A444 !! Anyone on here?
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    Clio Mk2/172/182 Half Cage (Ex MSV)

    Due to a change in circumstances (I need rear seats) I have for sale my ex Motor Sport Vision half cage. This is as fitted to MSV's Clio and Megane trackday cars. Easy to fit, just bolts in to existing seatbelt mountings - yes it's really that simple!! Due to it's bulk...
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    As requested - My New "Non Trophy"

    Here it is, had lots of people asking me across different forums asking if I had bought the new car yet so it now pleases me to officially announce my new purchase! Just a few pics taken tonight after a day at Rentech... Mods: H&R Coilovers, Carbon splitter, Prospeed Exhaust...
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    Renaultsport? M27 Ower Roundabout

    Was it you this morning around 08:15? I was along side you but you were busy checking traffic coming from the right!
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    M27 Eastbound (Sunday)

    6ish Tonight (Sunday) Sat in traffic Eastbound on the M27 nr Southampton West junction. I was bombing it along "traffic free" in the opposite direction :P
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    Trophy - Romsey

    Good swim was it?
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    FCS Track Session - Whos Car?

  13. Day

    Trophy - Didcot Services A34

    Spotted on the way back from FCS tonight Trophy - Didcot Services A34, parked up outside some restaurant.
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    Trophy + Older Brother

    Met up 373 today... If only I had a big payrise and a double garage... I'd have both :P
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    Renault Customer Service/Experience

    Interested to find out how members rate the customer service/experience provided by your local Renault Dealer/Franchise? If Renault UK want to use the data please feel free ;)
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    Asda Roundabout Chandlers Ford

    Gave you a thumbs up this evening about 5ish Who was it?
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    Johnnytheboy in his big white van

    Assuming it was you. Long wheelbase transit ***** OBO
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    197 F1 faster than R27 fact

    Followed by fastest man on earth... :lol:
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    First detail of 2007

    I wasn't planning to do this detail so early on in the year but a friend needed some photos for his new business and I acquired a new camera for Christmas so thought this weekend was a good opportunity as any. The weather forecast looked workable despite a shower on Saturday afternoon that...
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    Richard Hammond Crash Pic

    The BBC has released new pictures of the high-speed crash that almost killed Top Gear host Richard Hammond. The BBC plans to air footage of the crash in full as part of Top Gear on January 28.
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    Salisbury - Sat Lunchtime

    Arsenal mascot in the rear window. I was outside Lloyds Bank crossing over the road, was going to try and get your attention but you probably of thought i was some weirdo...
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    Random Trophy in the background!

    Browsing Pistonheads classifieds (like you do) looking for something different and saw this... if anyone is interested in the Silva :lol:
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    Salisbury today

    Clio Trophy in mechanical car wash horror! Over on southampton rd today around 11am You know those swirls are a pain in the ass to remove ;)
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    Johnytheboy @ work?

    Was it you watering my plants today? Saw the van outside.
  25. Day

    Renault World Series - Grid walk

    I felt like Martin Brundle for 5 minutes, made my day this did... Thanks to Jeremy and Renaultsport UK .
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    Lightning McNik!

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    No96 - Unrecorded Accident Damage (eBay) ... dZViewItem Looks decent enough, wonder how much it will fetch? More details here
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    If you notice any spam posts please notify myself or Nik ASAP. We've both been busy recently so unfortunatly some spam posters are slipping through the net and managing to create posts with links to malicious websites. Sorry for any harm done :(
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    Trophy - Salisbury

    Thriller - was that you? Castle Street roundabout. About 15:30 Saturday. Was about 2 cars behind so you wouldn't of seen me.
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    Trophy @ Rentech

    Who is this? Cliotrophy sticker in the back window.