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    Trophy market dried up?

    After following many sales recently and seeing the auction posts on here, after an eBay sale last night, I can't see any for sale anywhere! Having just had #189 restored throughout and investing in a full bodywork tidy up and respray, can only see the prices rise over the next few years. The...
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    #189 Restoration Page Apologies for those who have viewed or joined but decided to setup a restoration page to show my progress after 2 years off the road and left in the corner of a bodyshop. After 11 years of ownership I have decided to put the work into...
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    Genuine Renault Top Mounts Brand New

    Pair of genuine brand new top mounts with the modified top hat. £50 posted the pair.
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    Few other parts sensors and coilpack

    Have a collection of spares and trying to thin down, includes a MAP and MAT sensor and a Valeo coilpack, all used. Coilpack £15 posted Both sensors £15 posted
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    Original Clio Trophy Front Bumper

    In the process of having a freshly painted bumper and my original one will be up for grabs hopefully within the next few weeks. The bumper has had a hard life (146k miles) but has no splits to the best of my knowledge. It does have some scuffs to both front corners and copious amounts of stone...
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    Recaro Ambla Leather

    Does anyone have any of this spare? Happy to pay for a suitable piece for one of my tired bolsters. Thanks Daniel
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    A few things for the T

    I'm after a few bits and pieces and wondering if anyone has any spares knocking around? Passenger side electric window panel and switch (also need the screw and screw cap) Set of original Trophy seat belts (not too dirty) Rear number plate lamp
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    Wiring Diagram

    Cannot seem to find one and wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction?
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    NGK Platinum Spark Plugs x 4

    Sorting through a few bits in the garage ready for the return of the car and slowly going to thin down on some servicing items I have kept. Set of 4 brand new NGK Platinum Spark plugs £35 posted (have 2 sets)
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    My Trophy coming out of isolation

    It's been a long time coming but my pride and joy is being resurrected after being in a bodyshop for almost 2 years having minor bits done as a in between private job. Have a huge stack of parts to fit when she returns but wondering what the common issues are with these after such a long period...
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    Clio 182 Centre / Mid section Janspeed 2.25"

    Centre / Mid section Janspeed Silenced 2.25" with adapter / flange to connect to OEM cat. Only selling as has a slight rattle at high RPM. No damage and lasted me many years, since replaced with the same piece other than unsilenced. Any questions please ask. £30 including postage.
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    Spare original front calipers

    Does anyone have a spare front caliper or set no longer needed?
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    Anyone in need of front brake pads?

    Seem a bit too cheap for genuine with £40 being the usual going rate. Grab a bargain!
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    Trophy Steering rack / Inner Tie Rods

    After spending the last few weeks researching the steering system on the Trophy, I decided to buy a used rack off a semi-local seller on eBay and took it all apart, just really for my own knowledge and an ideal spare. It was removed from a 172 Cup, and from discussions on Cliosport, the tie rods...
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    Trophy in Ferrari Exeter

    Anyone on here? Parked in the front of the main Ferrari dealership. Assume a direct swop so they'll have a used Ferrari for sale tomorrow!! :laughing::laughing:
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    Clio 172 / 182 bits and pieces

    All items used with the exception of the black 'racing' bushes for the Evol dogbone mount which are new. Let me know if anyone is interested or if any questions. The springs are Apex 40mm lowering and will fit 172 and 182 variants. Thanks
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    Eibach front yellow spring

    As per my post, does anyone have a spare spring they wish to sell in good condition?
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    Starter motor heatshield

    Does anyone have one knocking around? Mine appears to be loose and damaged.
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    Few pictures of 189 exhaust cat manifold

    In trying to find and cure an exhaust vibrate / rattle I have decided to replace and repair anything to the exhaust system and associated brackets and joints. I decided to go for the upgraded cat to manifold bolt and fittings along with a new 'donut' gasket from my local factors. Pictures show...
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    2.25" mid section silenced or unsilenced

    After a decent centre section if anyone has one knocking around? Happy to collect anywhere in the SW.
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    Cat to manifold fitting kit

    Ideally after just the washers / spring cup for 1 side of the cat to manifold spring joint, one side of mine had bits missing and I only replaced it a couple of years ago. Please let me know if anyone has anything going spare. Thank you
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    High mileage fluid changes

    Managed to have a day free yesterday where I have managed to get lots of bits and pieces for the Trophy, which included new power steering fluid, gearbox oil and new drain plug / seal, fresh oil and all filters, throttle clean, new powerflex rear exhaust mounts and replacing a monkey chewed...
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    Damper adjuster seized / stuck

    Haven't 'played' with my suspension settings for a while and one of the adjusters doesn't turn and click. Has anyone had any similar issues? If so is it a case of lube and gently twist to loosen? Have had new adjusters twice unpinned, the last time with the blue dials.
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    Trophy engine failed / died / cam belt slipped

    Well what an eventful few days it's been, the T had an oil top up at Eurocarparts and slow drive back to my work and - BANG the car sounded like it had a terminal failure. Just about ran, heavy knocking from the top end under load, almost failed to start, AA guy guessed cam shaft fail, then...
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    Trophy going through that 'problem' stage......

    ........have had a very frustrating few weeks after the T was finally paid for outright. I think it's just been a month of 'doom' but hopefully the rectification and replacement of various components will see the T right as rain! It started off with a very continuous issue with my Janspeed...
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    Heater blower motor dying.....

    ..... hi all, has anyone had their heater blower motor failed? Give it a tap and it jumps into life, albeit it sounds rough! Wondering best place to purchase a brand new one and how difficult it is to remove? Thanks
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    Pure Pocket DAB 1000 radio with case

    Pocket dab radio in perfect working order with original genuine carry case. £20 posted?
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    Trophy jerky / kangarooing

    Hi all, The T has been a little jerky of late, random sporadic speeds, nothing permanent. Mpg is high, does not seem to be drinking fuel, both lambdas replaced last year, and no warning lights. Any ideas what this could be? Thanks
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    PS3 Game Bundle including Gran Turismo 5
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    3 x Michelin Pilot Exalto Tyres PE2 205/45/16 83V Original Trophy 7mm

    Up for grabs have 3 Michelin Exalto tyres with the following tread: 1 x 7mm (has had very little use) - £85 posted by courier 1 x 4-5 mm - £45 posted 1 x 3-4 mm - £35 posted