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  1. Claude

    Tyres for sale

    These are just taking up space, so happy if anyone wants to make any kind of offer... I appreciate they're only 195/45/16 and not 205/45/16 but you could pretend ;) If you'd like to see the photos I can send them to you or just check out my for sale posts on and the Clio...
  2. Claude


    Spotted on Hanover Street / Queen Street Gardens East. Friday 23rd June at 5pm. First Trophy spotted north of the border and I'm only here for two days. (y)
  3. Claude

    Wales Recce

    Took a trip out to Wales, met up with fellow forum user 'Big Dave', and had a cracking weekend exploring some new roads and revisiting some old favourites. Here's a few pics of the weekend:
  4. Claude

    Brand new unused Pagid Blue pads

    I have for sale a set of brand new Pagid RS4-2 pads that have never left the box. I'd always wanted to try them as I've only ever heard high praise so I bought some (paid £200) but I'm now going down the Brembo 4 pot route so these are no longer required. Happy to photograph the box and pads...
  5. Claude

    T77 PHY - Newbury, Berks

    Spotted this afternoon in Newbury. Anyone on here?
  6. Claude

    T66 PHY - Lambourn

    Spotted in the quiet village of Lambourn on the Berks/Wilts/Oxon border. Anyone on here?
  7. Claude

    Speedline 2118s 7x15in ET43 - £450

    In mint condition having only covered a thousand miles since being bought new direct from Speedline. White with red graphics, but they're easily removed if surplus to requirements. Located in Newbury (RG14). Price & delivery negotiable.
  8. Claude

    How long do you intend to keep your Trophy?

    I've had #455 for nearly two and a half years now. It was my first hot hatch and I fell instantly & deeply in love with the well-matched performance & handling. I always said it's a car I'll have forever, but more recently I've started thinking maybe it's time to move on and try something...
  9. Claude

    How much is my Trophy worth?

    I am 100% NOT selling this car. Instead I'm arranging an agreed value with my insurance provider, but I'm after some guidance on what value to go for. Assume the car is standard, bar wiper mod & stainless steel ProSpeed custom exhaust. (It actually has a fair number of mods but they're all...
  10. Claude

    Wheel Spacers

    I'm thinking about getting some spacers and was wondering, has anyone else has tried them on a Trophy, and if so, how did you get on? I'm currently running 1.5 degrees of negative camber at the front, standard Sachs (still pinned), Eibach Sportline springs (although I'll hopefully be trying out...
  11. Claude

    Spotted at French Car Show

    On the stand: Nik Sam Ben Dan Elsewhere I spotted at least three or four others, including 001/500 on the RUK stand, and what sounded like a turbocharged T on track. Was anyone else there in their T? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  12. Claude

    Best value no-compromise road tyres?

    Which tyres offer the best value & performance in 205/45/16? I only use the T for weekend fun so road noise & wet weather capabilities are of no concern, I just want great performance & value for money. Of course, they have to be road legal too! Suggestions & recommendations most appreciated.
  13. Claude

    Spotted at Le Mans x2

    1 on Houx 1 on the Autoroute on the way home on Monday (I was passenger in the Flame Red ph2 172 with white roll cage) Anyone else at Le Mans in their T?
  14. Claude

    Insurance - Agreed Value?

    I'll soon be renewing the insurance on the the T and made some initital enquiries about agreeing a value for it should the worst happen. They've requested pictures (front, rear, left, right, interior, engine bay) and I guess they'll come up with a low figure and we'll start the negotiations...
  15. Claude

    To decat or not to decat?

    Help me decide. I'm tempted to decat my ProSpeed system then get a decent remap to make the car a little more 'driveable' lower down the rev range. A few decat questions: * Has anyone tried a decat but reverted back to standard? If so, why? * Come MOT-time the cat will have to go back on to...
  16. Claude

    Formula 1 British Grand Prix - Silverstone - 2 Platinum Tickets For Sale

    Hi all, I have two Platinum tickets for sale for all three days of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone this July: Friday 6th - Practice Saturday 7th - Qualifying Sunday 8th – Race Support races over the weekend feature GP3, the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup and GP2 series. Platinum grandstands...
  17. Claude

    Three Peaks Challenge - Help for Heroes - Sponsorship request

    Hi all, On June 30th / July 1st I'll be taking part in the Three Peaks Challenge, which involves scaling the 3 highest mountains in England, Scotland & Wales, all within 24 hours. The ascent of Ben Nevis will begin at 5pm on Saturday and hopefully by 5pm on Sunday we'll have successfully...
  18. Claude

    Ferrari F40

    One word... WOW!
  19. Claude

    Head Unit & Speaker Upgrade???

    I'm possibly going to upgrade to an Alpine HU and am also thinking about a set of Focal component speakers up front. Is anyone else running a similar setup and how does it sound? Does anyone know if the Alpine power pack is any good? I'm currently running a stripped rear so a sub & amp in the...
  20. Claude

    Claude's Gripes - December 2011

    There are quite a few driving-related things which annoy me so I thought I'd post one each month until I run out - call it therapy if you like. Maybe everyone will agree with me, more than likely they won't, and maybe this will spark a bit of a debate/controversy. Whatever the outcome post your...
  21. Claude

    Car Cover - Clio ph2 - OFFERS

    Hi all, Brand new "Stormforce" cover from ( for sale. It's a 4 layer, all-weather cover made from soft, breathable fabric. It has elasticated front & rear hems, pockets for wing mirrors, and two underbody straps. I use an...
  22. Claude

    Treat for #455 (ProSpeed exhaust content)

    I hope my boss isn't a visitor to this site because today I was working from "home"... Home was in fact ProSpeed in Cardiff. Turned up first thing this morning for a cat-back 2.5in system with 2.5in cat mod and slash-cut 3.5in exits. Charlie and the guys did a great job, I was on the road by...
  23. Claude

    For Sale: Vibe Slick Bass Pack - 12in Subwoofer & Amplifier

    For sale is this brand new, boxed & un-opened Vibe Slick Bass Pack, which offers 'extremely tight, punchy, fast bass.' The pack includes a Vibe 12 inch SLR subwoofer & enclosure, a Vibe A0 amplifier (designed specifically for this driver), plus a full wiring kit. The link below shows the full...
  24. Claude

    Insurance declarations

    It's approaching insurance renewal time so I thought I'd start an honesty thread. If I was being up front about modifications to the T I'd declare: - Filter upgrade (ITG panel) - Suspension upgrade without lowering (Koni rear dampers) - Brake upgrade (Ferodo/Brembo) - Exhaust upgrade...
  25. Claude

    Rear damper advice (fitting)

    I don't have the aptitude, tools, inclination or time to fit a set of rear Konis myself so... Do I engage the services of my local independent garage where the mechanic was VAG-trained and looked after my VW for 8 years? Or do I take #455 to the nearest RS specialist, which I guess would be...
  26. Claude

    What would you do with £1,000?

    Daydreaming at work and thought others might like to join in/help out, especially if you're as bored as me!! Current spec is standard, plus: Wiper stalk mod Brembo/Ferodo discs & pads ITG panel filter One of the rear dampers is on the way out, leaking, so will be replaced with a pair of Koni...
  27. Claude

    #455 at sunrise

    Hopped in the car early on Sunday morning and went for a drive...because I could. 140 miles around West Berkshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire & Gloucestershire guaranteed a smile for the rest of the day! I didn't see a single speed camera the whole journey (and hope none saw me) but I was...
  28. Claude

    Rear damper replacement options

    Apologies for bringing this up again but the recent spate of comments on suspension has prompted me to post. As I see it there are three options for replacing Trophy rear dampers: a) 182 Cup dampers (£65ish) b) Renault/Sachs Trophy-specific dampers (£115ish) c) Koni adjustable dampers...
  29. Claude

    Buying advice - please help

    I'm based in Berkshire and I want to upgrade from 2 to 3 stars so I'm after some guidance on buying a used Trophy. When you bought your used Trophy did you get a professional independent inspection carried out? If so, who did you use & would you rate their service? If not, what did you check...