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  1. SharkyUK

    Specialists in the Midlands

    Say hello to mine (#165) whilst you are there :)
  2. SharkyUK

    Swapping an R26 for a 182 Trophy?

    The truly mint ones on ultra-low mileage command a premium. Within the last couple of years I've seen two sell for more - one around £16k and the other for a touch over £19k. You just need to find the right buyer! :) That said, I prefer a Trophy that I can take out and enjoy as opposed to having...
  3. SharkyUK

    #338 For Sale £7000

    It's been an absolute pleasure @DaveS - I hope #338 goes to a home that appreciates and enjoys the car as you and your son have done. All the best and good luck with the sale.
  4. SharkyUK

    Steering Rack bushes and Sump Gasket replacement

    Yup, uprated bushes and solid mounts, etc... one heck of a vibration throughout the chassis and cabin!
  5. SharkyUK

    Caffeine and Machine

    I have a meet there at the end of April - really looking forward to it (assuming I get there early enough).
  6. SharkyUK

    WANTED: Genuine (full) Cup alternator setup

    All sorted now, thank you gents.
  7. SharkyUK

    WANTED: Genuine (full) Cup alternator setup

    Hi all, I'm looking for a genuine (full) Cup alternator setup for my build / project. I'm really struggling to find one and it's holding things up! Please shout up if you know or hear of such a setup for sale. Cheers!
  8. SharkyUK

    LSD on Clio 182

    Great decision, mate! :)
  9. SharkyUK


    2k....!!! Hahahaha! I'd drive up to you and buy it right now for that price! :)
  10. SharkyUK

    Trophy Help

    Cue is right - there are no records of Trophy number against chassis. :(
  11. SharkyUK

    Trophy in exalted company

    :) Superb choice!
  12. SharkyUK

    Washer Blanks.. dont get too excited!

  13. SharkyUK

    Specialists in the Midlands

    It's not Birmingham, but just a short journey north (near Nottingham) is Mick at Diamond Motors. If you're after a well-established and reputable specialist then look no further. :smile: He's looking after my Trophy at the moment.
  14. SharkyUK

    OEM Trophy Springs

    Your best bet is to give him a quick call as the Mark Fish Trophy springs aren't advertised anywhere (as far as I know).
  15. SharkyUK

    Monday afternoon outing for #407.

    Nice write-up and photo, thanks! :)
  16. SharkyUK

    THE ROAD RAT - The future of Magazines?

    I've never heard of it, mate... will keep an eye open for it! :)
  17. SharkyUK

    What’s the current market trend ?

    Ouch! :openmouth:
  18. SharkyUK

    Speedline Turini Update

    I'd be interested in a full set of 'Trophy offset' Speedline Turinis if it could be arranged. :)
  19. SharkyUK

    FYI - Maybe good discussion point

    I don't even want to go there...! :( :)
  20. SharkyUK


    I had a similar problem a few years back and it was spark plugs. Make sure you get the correct ones otherwise you may still have issues! NGK PFR6E-10 (3688) are the items to look for, e.g.
  21. SharkyUK

    Specialists in South Wales?

    I don't know the place but the price is not too far off. Take a look at Mick's prices (Diamond Motors) for an idea on costs from a reputable specialist.
  22. SharkyUK

    WANTED: Pair of Trophy Recaro Trendline Seats

    I should add that the seats are not for me. I am asking on behalf of a friend who has a client in need of a set. [emoji3]
  23. SharkyUK

    WANTED: Pair of Trophy Recaro Trendline Seats

    Does anyone, by any chance, have a set they are looking to sell? Or do you know someone with the seats who is looking to sell? Many thanks :)
  24. SharkyUK

    First couple of weeks with #407.

    Lovely :)
  25. SharkyUK

    Potential new owner

    Sensible decision, mate. Feel free to hang around and ask questions. These are special little cars but maybe not for everyone. Take a look through the forum and Owners' Register to read more about these cars, things to look out for, etc.
  26. SharkyUK


    @Rik Perry is an extremely busy man at the moment as his day job tends to get in the way.... hahahahaha! I'm not sure whether or not he's in a position to take on extra work as a result. I can certainly vouch for the quality of his work though. Top drawer.
  27. SharkyUK

    Cracked spoiler

    I've never seen that type of crack either, mate. That looks like someone / thing has given it a whack. Failed boot struts only typically break your skull as the boot 'closes' on you... :)
  28. SharkyUK

    Megane 275 Trophy for Sales

    That's lovely mate, congratulations. I look forward to hearing your review once you've had some time to enjoy and familiarise with it. :)