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  1. Karltrophy

    Replace those rusty exhaust hanger mounts...

    That's decent, great price too 👍
  2. Karltrophy

    Aftermarket Exhaust Failures

    Mine #414 has had the Milltek cat back exhaust on it since March 2009 at 34,000 miles, fitted by a previous owner. Still on there now at 112,800 miles however some of the battles in tailpipes have started to brake up and hangers cracking generally looking tired now, did have repairs in Dec 2015...
  3. Karltrophy

    Project 338

    Had a problem with mine with bits of sealer caught up in oil pump strainer causing fluctuations in oil pressure and oil warning light to come on intermittently when driving. Got Renault to take a look, new genuine oil pump fitted and new clutch whilst subframe dropped down, £1200 later lol.
  4. Karltrophy

    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    Are these sachs front shocks legit? For the Clio Trophy and not adjustable? Mine need re-furb so wondering whether to get them done or buy some more.
  5. Karltrophy

    Trophys by County

    #414 - 30 located in Norfolk.
  6. Karltrophy

    My new daily.

    Thats awesome, cool as feck Im very tempted by a 21T, got a R5 GTT, Clio Valver and used to own a R11 Turbo phase 1 lol.
  7. Karltrophy

    Trophys by County

    #303 Suffolk, not mine a mate has it however it will be up for sale soon ;-)
  8. Karltrophy

    Trophys by County

    #414 Norfolk
  9. Karltrophy

    Another Trophy...

    Not yet registered on here AY55WNB #303 just purchased by a guy Ive known for years. ;-)
  10. Karltrophy

    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    Ok...are there any sets left?by mis matched take it you mean 1 new & 1 used? Mine had been re-furbed once in October 2012 and need doing again as N/S leaking oil in June 2016 so been rocking cup front shocks since...
  11. Karltrophy

    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    Gutted missed out on this group buy, still got 182 Cup shocks on mine as Sach's need a rebuild at who knows how much :-(
  12. Karltrophy

    T333PHY B1108 Colney Norwich 15:45 26/11/17

    I saw this last year (May I think) on a new estate going through Attleborough, private plate was F7DSR, literally 7 miles from me lol.
  13. Karltrophy

    T333PHY B1108 Colney Norwich 15:45 26/11/17

    Ah cool, was literally just heading back after taking my daughter shopping, couldnt believe I saw another Trophy in this neck of the woods! lol Mine originally came from Ness Motors Inverness hence the reg pre-fix SY55 (registered 30/09/05), think the no.s are slightly random or just depends...
  14. Karltrophy

    T333PHY B1108 Colney Norwich 15:45 26/11/17

    Spotted T333PHY on B1108 this afternoon heading towards A47, literally saw it last second, was in mine #414. Anyone on here?
  15. Karltrophy

    The holy grail hunt

    Its definitely moving in the right direction with prices of rare retro cars increasing. Bought my Trophy at the right time just over 2 years ago close before Christmas on 65k miles for £3400. Think I've got abit of an obsession with retro hot hatches owned my R5GTT Raider 13 years now and last...
  16. Karltrophy


    Run 32 or 33 Front, 30 Rears on PS3's allround.
  17. Karltrophy


    Mines been my daily for last 2 years, great little car that's so much fun to drive. Currently on 84k and recently moved so only racking up 60 miles a week on the commute to work, I know I'm biased however nothing stands out as much as a clean shiny red Trophy in the car park.
  18. Karltrophy

    Owner ages ...

    #414 I'm 37
  19. Karltrophy

    New Trophy Owner

    Welcome along mate.
  20. Karltrophy

    Trophy 418 for sale

    Wow, looks a stunning Trophy with low miles too, another originating from Inverness as mine did from new with 'SY55' prefix, I own 414. Good luck with the sale fella. :-)
  21. Karltrophy

    Trophy #348 Tucked away for winter. ;)

    Trophy is the current daily, thinking this may be its last winter doing just that though as Im sure it would like to be tucked up in the garage instead!
  22. Karltrophy

    Ash's Liquid Yellow 182

    Wow, what a stunner great work, looks awesome. Got Milltek on #414 and love the exhaust note :-)
  23. Karltrophy

    Suspension refresh

    Thinking of getting this done for when Zach's go back on after refurb.
  24. Karltrophy

    Front Spring top mounts

    Bet thats the bit that rusts/corrodes up, i was after part no. and cost for these too.
  25. Karltrophy

    Hi from Norfolk

    Im the other side of the city out near Wymondham fella. Ideally good to get one thats all original, main bits being the Sach's, Recaro's, rear spolier and turini's. Think most have had a hard life, watch out for suspension turrets drilled for front brace as they can start to rust (had this on my...
  26. Karltrophy

    Squeaky seats

    Is that when getting in and out? Sounds fairly normal I would say...
  27. Karltrophy

    Hi from Norfolk

    Welcome along Harry, Im in Norwich so not far from you, where abouts are you mate?
  28. Karltrophy

    Another one bites the dust...

    Wonder what number. it is or what the reg is, probably got some history on here somewhere.
  29. Karltrophy

    Another one bites the dust...

    Does look rather a mess that one, cost a fortune to put it back to standard form with all the important Trophy bits, very much doubt Sach's are present. Wonder what no. it is? hard to tell with Trendlines missing...