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  1. Karltrophy

    Another Trophy...

    Not yet registered on here AY55WNB #303 just purchased by a guy Ive known for years. ;-)
  2. Karltrophy

    T333PHY B1108 Colney Norwich 15:45 26/11/17

    Spotted T333PHY on B1108 this afternoon heading towards A47, literally saw it last second, was in mine #414. Anyone on here?
  3. Karltrophy

    Re: Unpinned Sach's Adjustment

    I remember reading a post somewhere on here about the Sach's when they are unpinned. How many clicks are they adjustable by? Is the standard setting in the centre of - & +? I take it the yellow dots/markings are where you can set them to standard setting by aligning the yellow dots/marks? Cheers :-)
  4. Karltrophy

    Spotted F7DSR Clio Trophy Attleborough Norfolk 25/03/16 11.00am

    Just been out for a blat in the 5GTT and saw a red Clio Trophy parked outside a house on the new Grosvenor Park Estate just outside of Attleborough. Never seen that one before, only 6 miles from where I live, anyone's from on here?
  5. Karltrophy

    Re: Trophy on ebay

    Does not say what number it is however is up for grabs on fleabay:
  6. Karltrophy

    AY55WVG Barker Street Norwich 08/01/16

    Just popped out for a late lunch walking to Halfords and saw this Trophy coming down the road at 14.45, had to do a double take as they are so rare. Think it was Centro186? Sounded sweet as it was flying! ;-).
  7. Karltrophy

    Re: New Front Brake Calipers

    Does anyone know the best place to source new front brake calipers possibly sliders too? Cheers :cool:
  8. Karltrophy

    Re: Trophy Original Dealerships Quantity Sold Per Dealership...

    I read somewhere the other day that although only 500 were sold to the UK market, some areas sold a fair few more Trophies than others. In particular including my Trophy 414 which originally came from Ness Motors in Inverness, they sold 16 Trophy's in total which is not bad considering how very...
  9. Karltrophy

    Re: Trophy winter preparation

    With Autumn here been thinking about giving the Trophy a good clean/polish so its at least prepared for winter weather so I dont find Ive got a pink Trophy next spring. Im not a keen detailer (yet) and have been getting service/mechanical jobs done up until now. Question is what if I had to...
  10. Karltrophy

    Re: Trophy spotted in Norwich 17.50 Thursday 24th Sept

    Saw a trophy tonight whilst working late queing in traffic at County Hall roundabout 17.50 AO55HNJ first one I have seen in my neck of the woods since I bought mine. Chap with glasses on driving it, anyone on here? :-)
  11. Karltrophy

    Re: Trophy Air Con

    With it being summer am keen to get air con working on the Trophy. I had it re-gassed at work however both condenser seals were leaking gas. I have bought new seals and when going to fit them to fit them one of the bolts for the air con drier sheared (alloy into steel) so now need a new drier...
  12. Karltrophy

    Re: Front Pipe to Cat Exhaust Fittings

    Does anybody know the part no.s for the fitting kit immediatly after O2 sensor where front pipe fits the cat? Checked on my T and and only one side a a longer bolt with spring in the middle, the other side appears to be a shorter stud. Is this right?
  13. Karltrophy

    Re: Original Trophy Tyres

    I know this may have been asked before, what tyres were on the Trophy as OE when new? The Toyo's on the front of mine are rather worn so will replace these soon, thinking of getting close to original tyres perhaps with slightly updated version/tread pattern.
  14. Karltrophy

    Re: Quality Replacement Parts Wheel Bearings/Track Rod Ends

    Need to replace a few bits on the Trophy to make sure its sorted with the MOT getting closer. Have had a rumble around 30-40 mph and now I need to replace both near side wheel bearings. The Trophy had brand new rear discs/pads/bearings in December just before I bought it, in my ownership since...
  15. Karltrophy

    Rear Speaker Wires

    Thought the stereo had sounded abit quiet in the back ever since i bought the car, discovered there are no rear speakers! Went to fit some coax's and found a beige and pink wire on passenger side, and a beige and brown wire on the drivers side. Any ideas which is positive and which is negative...
  16. Karltrophy

    Re: Cheap Trophy for sale Cat C paint damage

    Found this on ebay for £2150 with paint damage, appears to be all there:
  17. Karltrophy

    Re: Trophy UK Distribution.

    A bit of a random question,-after being shipped from Renaultsport factory in Dieppe was there a central location in the UK that they went to before being distributed to Renault Dealerships up and down the country? Reason I say this is that my Trophy started life in the North, Inverness however...
  18. Karltrophy

    Re: Renault front window security stickers

    Can you still get the white security stickers that go on the front side windows where they are etched?
  19. Karltrophy

    Re: Trophy found on ebay...

    Trophy found on ebay, up for bargain price:
  20. Karltrophy

    Re: Trophy Red Paintwork

    Whats the best technique/product to re-generate/ freshen up & make the Trophy look red again instead of looking faded pink colour? Understand T Cut is not a good idea, machine polish? Mopping? or Turtlewax red colour restorer? Cheers